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Part 2 - On Twelves and Thirteens - Signs of Time and its Mastery

Continuing on, here's some more examples of how the number 12 signals time, and how 13 signals the wielding of control over time, as 13 transcends the 12.

When we talk about space-time, its common to refer to the 3 dimensions of space as 3D. Because D is the 4th letter, the numbering of 34 is produced. This is actually an esoteric code for time, which suggests the labeling of space as 3D was done with this concept in view. About 34: 3+4=7 and 3*4=12 so we see both of these primary time numbers are directly produced.

In every instance of what I refer to as Code 47 there exists an implicit 12 in the math, and what that means is that the subject of time factors in as an essential component. The 47th Problem of Euclid involves the area of a 3.4.5 dimensioned right triangle. From the diagram, observe how 3+4+5 = 12, identifying the base triangle with time by reason of its circumference. The triangle is a fundamental geometric figure and a simple metaphor for the 3 dimensions of space. The 3.4.5 triangle is therefore a fundamental symbol of space-time. Observe how the primary time number 7 is the sum of the parent lengths 3 and 4, and that the primary time number 12 is the unseen area implied between them.

In another notable feature, the standard Occult gematria value of the word, time, is 47! Code 47 invokes the word and meaning of, time.

T + I + M + E ~ 20+9+13+5=47

The floors of the temples and lodges of Freemasonry feature what they call the Oblong Square, which is always of the 3x4 dimension. Because the 47th problem of Euclid is a foundational puzzle for Freemasons we should rightly connect the two for insight into what the Oblong Square represents. The 3x4 dimension is derived from the Pythagorean 3.4.5 triangle that is the basis for the 47th problem of Euclid. Remember, the 7 and 12 are implicit in this geometry, and these fundamental numbers of cycling time are being identified through a geometric grid of squares which the Freemasons emphasize by tiling the area with black and white squares. Space and time are very often represented by squares and circles in combination, respectively. Through the ratio of the squares in the Oblong Square the implied circle for time is generated in a ritual “squaring of the circle.”

This theurgic ritual magnifies that which is performed in the square and compass symbol, the ubiquitous emblem of the tools used for drawing such squares and circles. The Freemasons thereby boast of their mastery of the domain through these Occult emblems. The other symbols of their meeting rooms and tracingboards, like the pillars, the Royal Arch, sun and moon, etc. extend the imagery to illustrate a transcending of this space-time domain. The meeting rooms pictured in these familiar tracingboards are claimed to be modeled on the temple that Solomon had been given to build on Jerusalem's Mount Zion. We should know that building to have geolocated a divinely appointed connection with the highest throne of heaven and function as a center of time, because it's been quite adequately demonstrated by David Flynn.

Underscoring the interpretation of the Oblong Square floor as signaling space and time and mastery over it, let's consider what's under it as a kind of space-time ark. An understanding of the 12 and the 13 should become evident. These are secrets of heaven, legitimate secrets, and you are witnesses to the leveraging of these by the illumined on their left hand path as aided by the Fallen in their hijacking schemes. Ultimately, they will fail, but limited success for a season has surely been granted.

Pictured under the floor of the Lodge-Temple is a coffin. We're officially told it honors the ancient architect named Hiram Abif. That character is code for Osiris, who, according to the ancient religion still practiced today, is raised by Isis into Horus. I've written lots about this over the years, making very relevant biblical and prophetic connections. The coffin bears the skull and bones symbol, which is a mark of Osiris. The coffin is a kind of space-time ark that has to do with control over time, and this ark hidden under the floor will be seen to compare to the ark of the covenant, the artifact I've recently blogged about at some length. According to legend, after being killed and dismembered, only 13 of the 14 pieces of Osiris were subsequently recovered and reassembled by Isis. Note from this how the number 13 is therefore implicit in the body of Osiris. That's the time control number, and Osiris has long been identified as the lord of time in the ancient texts of The Book of the Dead.

The coffin bears the XO symbol in the form of the skull and bones. On one level, XO represents space and time (XO also equates to a square and a circle). From another perspective, the XO signals the number for the underworld abyss - 66- because both the X and O transform to 6. (X is 24 and O is 15 so add the digits.) Osiris, god of the underworld, god of the dead. Many Occultists accept that the union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, in association with the work of the god of the abyss (known in that context as Nodens). It's a ritual resurrection of Osiris by Isis into Horus, through a mastery of space-time that facilitates the requisite operation of the ancient celestial stargate and permits transit from the underworld to manifest in this realm.

Here's why we should see a connection between the coffin of Hiram Abif and the ark of the covenant that was in the Temple of Solomon. In some tracingboards, we see a box next to the coffin that has long poles. One thing is like the other. The tracingboards have a lot of redundancy in symbol. The acacia sprigs are clues that link that coffin to the hammered-gold-over-acacia-wood ark of the covenant. This speaks to me of a ritual hijacking of the ark of the covenant and what is now manifesting as an actual seizing of control over the flow of time. There's more control yet to be established, and certainly more mechanisms wielding their influential power, but there it is. The coffin under the floor has to do with the time hack that will eventually result in the opening of the stargate to bring Horus through into this space-time domain, and it also has to do with a time hack securing the early release of those responsible for the flood of Noah.

We note that the funerary box that held the patriarch Joseph's bones was an ark. Israel carried them up out of Egypt into the promised land through the space-time ark-ish wilderness wandering, making two miraculous crossings through the waters as stargate transits.

It deserves mention here that the coffin of Hiram Abif under the Oblong Square floor compares also to the pyramid on the Great Seal found on the back of the one dollar bill. Take a look at the acacia growing in the foreground. (“1. At the foot of the pyramid is a twig of acacia wood from which the Arc of the Covenant was made that means the everlasting immortality of the soul.” * MASONIC DOLLAR BILL) It's similar in meaning to the palm tree, which means to their exalted symbologist, victory over death. (By the way, have you ever seen the pagan altars where Easter is celebrated, which is preceded by Palm Sunday and Ash Wednesday, where the ashes used to mark foreheads are from burned phoenix palms?) Why do you suppose the acacia is there by the Great Seal's pyramid, which is associated openly with the ark of the covenant by the authors of the Masonic Gathering website? Connect the dots. The pyramid is a kind of temple that is geometrically very similar to the 3.4.5 triangle. (Not just generally in shape but in the count of features, as I've explained elsewhere.)

In the Occult gematria code where Z=1, the Roman numeral letters we generally interpret as the year 1776 (MDCCLXXVI) are a string that we convert and add up to 129, and 1+2+9=12. Time. TIME IS MONEY. Another feature is not unrelated. Suppressing the first third of each third of that date string, mDCcLXxVI, produces 666.

Consider how so many features on the back of the one dollar bill have counts of 13 elements. For one example, the shielded bird grips in its left claw 13 arrows. TIME flies like an arrow. Control of time. The pyramid itself has 13 levels, if you count the foundation stone. There are actually 12 courses of bricks, making it a Temple of TIME. (Is Matthew 24:1-3 coming to mind?) The eye of Osiris, as some know the all-seeing-eye of providence, would be the 14th part, the radiant golden phallus that Isis used to raise Osiris into Horus. Consider the construction of every legitimate obelisk, which is topped with the phoenix (American Eagle) resurrecting ben-ben pyramidal capstone, as the magickal seed emitting phallus of Osiris. Yet another time and time control layer of symbolism is linked to the obelisk through it's identification as a frozen serpent. Water freezes solid. A serpent represents a river as its path winding through the land. Water as time.

As it is often said, TIME IS MONEY - and so it is ritually emphasized with great repetition!

The back has four instances where the large numeral is superimposed with the word, ONE. Three letters, times four, the sum of the numerals, is 12, the time number. On each side, 1 over 1 opposite 1 over 1, or, 11 11, the signal appearance of the space-time pillar of Gemini and the Silver Gate. The opposing Golden Gate or 9th Gate is what seems to be signaled by the 9 fanned tail feathers on the shielded phoenix-eagle, between the two Gemini pillars of legs. That's where birds emit their streams of “Milky Way” as they fly in the heavens, of course.

Why has all this Occult imagery been chosen to decorate the lowly ONE dollar bill? Because it's so abundant, no doubt, but also, I believe, because of how important the Monas (exact equivalent to Monad) is in theurgy and alchemical philosophy. To the Pythagoreans it represented divinity and the first thing that came into existence, and thus all things springing forth from it. Even time itself.

M = 13
O = 15
N = 14
A = 1
D = 4
MONAD = 47

The Latin, E Pluribus Unum, translates to “One, out of many.” Thirteen letters. Monas. One - as union of lords of time.

The obvious appears large and central, only leaving it to be recognized that by, ONE, they mean, MONAS.


IN which GOD do “WE” TRUST? Clearly, they mean the Monas - the generative divinity declared in all the symbols - the one that is cryptically identified by the clockwise pointing hexagonal star, which is NOT the one true sovereign God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the father of my Lord Y'shua.

When it comes to Occult demonstrations of money-as-time, The Penitent Man always comes to mind as a prime example. Money from the future played a role. Future money, $100 bills from the year 2065. Why 2065?

2+0+6+5 =13

The money was a sign validating a testimony about time travel. The traveler from the future gave it to himself, in his past. He was and was becoming a master of time. Thirteen!

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