Thursday, March 03, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode the CarFax Logo

Can you identify the occult symbolism underlying this brand's identity?

These are the CARFOX folks. You may find this familiar, having been decoded in a previous post.


  1. I see 2 instances of harmerty. The white upward-pointing delta formed in the negative space below the crossing members of the X is a capstone, all-seeing eye of horus, for one of the A's in CARFA. This bright, sun eye is paired with the black registered trademark dark, moon eye of horus. The color scheme is inverted in the X-box so that the thin black strip, when imported to one of the white A's, acts as a partition to call out the bright capstone and to allow for the correct base width of the imported delta, matching with the width of the truncated pyramid-A. Another instance occurs when the bright, white R of CARFA is a bright, sun eye of horus paired with the black, dark, moon eye of horus which is the black capstone to the other A in CARFA, not having a companion white, upward-pointing delta. I am not sure if this second instance I refer to is a true working.

    There are 2 deltas formed in the vertically oriented negative spaces of the crossing members of the X. This forms an upward- and downward-pointing delta pair of satan's reproductive scheme. There is also a pair of horizontal deltas formed in the negative space to the left and right of the crossing members of the X. There are 3 verticies to each delta member of the pair for a code 33. The same can be said for the vertical pair of deltas. Two instances of code 33 and summed together it is a code 66-abyss working.

    The letters are set in borders to resemble an odometer reading. The X in the X-box is offset in the vertical to allude to an old school odometer where that digit would be rotating upward to center in its border, in alignment with the other digits. The X, the sun god, apollyon rising from the abyss into this realm.

    The black and white color scheme alludes to the knowledge of good and evil. The perimeter bordering is a squared circle. Rotating one's head 90 degrees to the left reveals a keyhole in the negative space of the C. C and Keyhole. CK - code 33. The key hole for c(see)-ing with dark illumination is the eye of horus, anus.


  2. WWW = hebrew Vav Vav Vav = 666