Monday, March 07, 2016

Hardcore Henry - Neo-Nazi Code 14-88

Evidence of the Nazi and Neo-Nazi undercurrent continues to trend.

Hardcore Henry is a film scheduled for release in about a month, on 4/8/16.

Hardcore Henry | Official Trailer | STX Entertainment

The title, Hardcore Henry. has the acronym HH, which is Neo-Nazi code for, Heil Hitler! The title has 13 letters plus 1 space for a total of 14 characters. The H is the 8th letter, so HH transforms to 88. The 14 and 88 pairing is the familiar Neo-Nazi Code linked to David Lane and The Order.

If this seems familiar, we reported in January how this same code was discovered in a History Channel documentary titled, Hunting Hitler. HH ~ Heil Hitler. Thirteen letters plus one space. See “Hunting Hitler” Title has Neo Nazi 14-88 Code - and more about, “Back to the Future”. Also check out 2 recent posts from February and one from December, with a video exposé.

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Since we've been watching for it Aaron and I have been seeing example after example of some rather blatant HH and SS signaling in contexts that sometimes reek of Nazi fringe science, featuring time travel and every kind of mind-control. What this tells us is that the Nazis simply went underground. The history of Project Paperclip and Russia's equivalent is only part of the story. The reports of how the global elite sponsored Hitler are certainly verified. The antichrist system has, since the 1930s, had a Nazi tinge to it. The filtering through the ages has been integrating systems of Babylon, Rome, Nazi Germany...

Decoding the poster and title graphic reveals no surprise: It's all about Horus. The flanking letters in the block script have tips that present as wings as on the solar disk. Horus, the sky god. They call out H and E. HE is always Horus, and HE is for, Horus Eye. The He of the blood-like scripted name, Henry, also has HE called out distinctly. The first person perspective identifies us with Hardcore Henry, with Horus, making us see with the Horus Eye. The Rx symbol for prescription meds is the ancient Horus Eye sign. The way the Y in HENRY appears, it crosses the leg of the second R in, HARDCORE and also crosses the R in HENRY, for 2 instances of the Rx. These observations clue is in to the leveraging of the RE at the end of HARDCORE as the naming of the sun god in his alias as Re, aka Ra. The solar deity was sometimes worshiped as Ra-harakhty, which translates literally as Ra, (who is) Horus of the Two Horizons.

Horus of the Two Horizons, indeed.

On Hardcore Henry's right hand we see a tattoo of a snake head. With a gun in his hand this matches the symbolism of an obelisk. An obelisk is a frozen serpent, and the phallus of Osiris. The gun is a phallic object and he's firing bullets as semen.

Since the sun god worship was centralized in Heliopolis, aka, On, I take the way they associate the O of HARDCORE and the N of HENRY as an identification of that city that was devoted to his worship. There's no swastika in the poster so far as I can tell, but that sun wheel sigil of the Fallen would be a fitting supplement to this Nazi brand's poster!

The way the round part of the R in HENRY crosses the O in HARDCORE that makes the crossed circle MOB sign. It's no stretch to take the C over the E as signaling the C-ing Eye of Horus because of the redundant Horus Eye imagery present in the immediate context. The D over the H in letter value presents 4 and 8, which is the date of the theatrical release.

In this poster's perspective, the city is upside down. He's freefalling upward in an illustration of ascending up from the underworld through a stargate. This film is a STX Entertainment production. STX = the River Styx - a river in Greek mythology that formed the boundary between Earth and the Underworld. Reflect on these aspects of the poster for a moment. Can you put 2 and 2 together? Styx was also called Hades and refers also to the god of the underworld. Related identities are Anubis and Osiris, Hermes, the goddesses...

He is coming, soon, to a theater (of warring engagement) near you. To the Great City Mystery Babylon the Great. So they claim, and, after time has been reset, so it will be, right on schedule. More important yet is the arrival of The One one being counterfeited by that impostor. Get to know the Sovereign God while you can! John 3:16


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