Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Lego Batman Movie - "HARD ON CRIME - EASY ON THE EYE"

All is not as it seems in Gotham City.

I listened to an interview recently where Freeman Fly commented about watching the Lego Batman Move and that it was filled with the promotion of gay agendas. Web search: lego batman movie gay and you'll find links that support that observation, as the mocking sodomite God-hating media mind-control machinery strives to quench the notion. We haven't seen the movie, but here's something relevant, a sign seen in a screenshot from the film.


"hard on" crime is committed by a criminal with an erection. Think, sexual assault, rape, flashing or sexting.

"EASY ON THE EYE" Instead of seeing this as an idiom for being physically attractive, see it as a reference to the Horus Eye, which was so much the thing in the Egyptian city of, On, a.k.a. Heliopolis. To be "easy on the eye" is to be favorably inclined toward the Horus Eye - the anus. That's implied because of the connection with the "hard on" crime.

The sign suggests that Batman is a sodomite.

Now where would they get that idea? The original series occasionally feature scenes where Batman and Robin scale the side of a building. There was usually a celebrity making a cameo appearance through a nearby window, which the producers leveraged to linger on the scene. Their positioning suggests that Robin, who seems to be on top is actually the sodomite Bottom.

Here's a telling scene from Season 1 of that TV series, 1966. There's a party at Wayne Manor, a rehearsal for a charity event where the attraction is sexual.

Batman's great-grandfather founded Skull and Bones

A man is asking Aunt Harriet Cooper about a picture of Bruce Wayne's ancestor, seen with a football (as poop) in a Yale shirt. "I understand he was tapped for Skull and Bones." She replies proudly, "Tapped for it? Sir, he founded Skull and Bones!" In the scene where another man had just used innuendo in his conversation with Bruce Wayne, they do the same, using language that refers to sexual intercourse. To be tapped is to be sodomized, in the context.

Yale's Skull and Bones is infamous, and rumors of their "secret" initiation rites suggest what we know is the practice of the illumined elite.

The clip is from the 33rd episode of the series - which speaks of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry. Code 33, on one level, describes the numeral as an ideogram of a couple engaging in sodomy. The iconic Batman logo conceals a pair of 3s, traced under the wings.

The name of the episode 33 is, Fine Finny Friends. The triple F is a FFF or 666 signal, because F is the 6th letter. Mark of the Beast. Revelation 13:18. The year of the show, 1966, supports that numbering with 966 being equivalent to 666, with the reflection of the 9 as 6.

Where do you think the inspiration for these these innuendo-filled Kia commercials comes from?

Blake Griffin Force 2014 Kia Optima UVO Parking Minder TV Commercial Ft Jack McBrayer

Kia Optima Commercial staring Blake Griffin and Jack McBrayer "Fire Extinguisher" -- Kia of Irvine

"Richard. CUM ON" ... "A HUGE crime"

If you were following the Time Travel Sodomy series of videos, the Griffin-as-dimensional transiting creature will identify what they mean by the Griffin Force.

These things are not present for the sake of our amusement. They are signs of the mind-control programming that literally captivates the ignorant, that you and I are being preyed upon continually. We pray this is less and less you, and those you love. The Lord Jesus Christ, Y'shua haMashiach has a better way. Seek it. Seek it for all you're worth because HE is worth your best effort!


  1. Good work ,
    Batgod of death/underworld. Batman=hybrid freak? Butler, secret cave, etc.
    Bbc reports tim berners lee is upset over fake news on his www. He's the guy that they honored at london olympics for making the www work, while at cern. Spanning the globe, this fake news. Spanner is a wrench. Symbolic for squaring.
    Fr. Craig Wolfe

    1. Thanks Craig.
      Hybrid freak, to be sure.

  2. Great post. I can literally see the 33 in the Batman logo. The two 3s oppose each other. The more I continue to peel away the layers the more disgusted I become. I was just reading about the wachowski brothers (matrix) and how one if not both are transgender. The suitcase from "Pulp Fiction" combination lock was 666 of course

  3. Creepy Michael J. Fox Scene with Young Boy in Bathtub As Devil Looks on! Really Disturbing!

  4. This caught my attention. 3/13 northeaster/holiday, threatens cherryblossoms in dc
    Go to Wikipedia type "cherryblossom" . go to symbolism. Its wierd. One is young people sacraficing thier lives for the empire/country. Happens at 24 degrees Fahrenheit. 24/42 jupiter glyph ,in the distric of "columbia". Fr. Craig Wolfe

  5. Forgot, the storms name is stella/star.