Sunday, March 05, 2017

The Pope Francis Kind of Love

Pope Francis recently had an opportunity to make a public statement about where he stood with regard to pedophilia.

Pope Francis Under Fire After Quietly Reducing Punishment for Pedophile Priests

Some felt betrayed, but since this is one of the means of maintaining his own status quo, could he be expected to do otherwise?

Those who can interpret the Occult imagery used by the church don't need to look far to see the sign of sodomy that attends the pedophila, copraphagy, human sacrifice, sorcery and mind control programming. We've exposed many similar images over the years, where the stylized heart represents the butt. Many of them take this familiar form, where the anus is called out in the design. The cross of the rosary is the X that marks the spot. The anus is identified as the rose or rosebud rosette of the rosary.

The Rosary is associated with the goddess, and the gesture being made by the Pope in the featured photo is her sign, the W of the bent elbow dancing bee goddess known as "Easter," Ishtar or Inanna - aka, Our Lady of Fatima. The sign is also a Horus hand sign, referencing the esoteric version of the 47th Problem of Euclid.

The anus is known to the Illumined as the Eye of Horus, and this is emphasized in the Occult design by having the cross dot the "i" in, Francisco. When the dot of an "i" is stylized it signals the homonym "i" or "Eye" of Horus.

The imagery of the cross positioned in the heart and dotting the "i" is redundant, which adds potency to the symbol magick, and also serves to verify that the symbolism of the anus is intended by the graphic.

By placing the square cross sign where a round hole is implied, they are effectively "squaring the circle," a symbol of ritual sodomy.

A crucifix is sometimes used by an Illuminati handler to sodomize a victim, and this is referred to as "the Peace of Mary." Because of the context, we know this is what is specifically in view, the Peace of Mary, with the foul graphic of the crucifix inserted into the anus. The Pope's trip to Fatima is all about Mary, called, Our Lady of Fatima.

He's planning to visit that shrine in Portugal where it is claimed that the Virgin Mary appeared in 1917, a century earlier. The thousands of witnesses gave varying reports of what happened, but it can't really be denied that some supernaturalism was manifest. One thing we can be certain of is that it was not the manifestation of the woman who gave birth to my Lord Y'shua. The event involved an impostor, an angelic fraud, the same kind of demonic spirit that engages the Luciferian illumined in the Peace of Mary and inspires posters like the one for Papa Francisco's visitation of Our Lady of Fatima.

The anus is also known as the Eye of Horus, or, the Eye of Ra. The name of the god, Ra, is emphasized in the title, with the RA of F-RA-ncisco being supported by the way they stacked Papa above it, which adds another RA connecting to the A above the R. If you don't think this is relevant, take a step back and consider the object that occupies the exalted position in the Vatican's St. Peter's Square. I count eleven more namings of Ra and the alternate, Re, in the other stacked lines of the poster. The name of Pan is embedded in "Papa" over "Francisco" in another cross-line spelling that can take 2 routes, which makes it redundant. Pan is the god that Aleister Crowley identified with the Devil in Chapter 15 of The Book of Lies.

To learn more about the significance of Fatima, we recommend this study on The titled, The Sign of the Queen of Heaven.

Here's a painting of the Jesuit that we think Pope Francis took his name from, St. Francis Xavier. When an Occultist crosses his hands he's saying that you have to cross the meaning, invert or flip it. The heart with the cross stuck into the anus is therefore a reference to the one seen in heaven, where he's giving the divinity the Peace of Mary. The IHS + cross is, of course, the scatalogical reference - SHI - t. "Fire in the hole!"

Here's a picture of fake (antichrist) Jesus with the heart-butt motif and the Peace of Mary. May we suggest a fitting caption? "Fire in the hole!" Check out his hand sign. GODDESS! Peace of Mary.

This kind of butt and sodomy imagery is not unique to the Vatican and or to the Jesuit church, although it does have a central role in their iconography because it is key to their illuminated status and essential in the worship of the sun gods. Martin Luther, former Catholic Priest, is considered to be the father of the Protestant reformation. He adopted this symbol, called Luther's Rose, which remains to this day as the iconic logo of the Lutheran Church.

The Seventh-Day Adventist church identifies itself with the Peace of Mary. Fire in the hole! One should also see in this logo the redundant signaling of Code 33, and the ancient winged sun disk. The place from which the fire emanates is spelled out for us beginning with the A in, Adventist. Rising on the path to the "eternal flame," we pick up the next letter, the S in, Seventh. The final S is obfuscated in the flame that wraps around the sphere or disk.

Like Mother, like Daughter - of Babylon.

Here's a promotional image of a Bible version called the Passion Translation, which echoes the embedding of the Seventh Day Adventist Church logo. Fire in the hole!

The society or order of the Rose-Cross, aka Rosicrucians, adopted this illuminated sodomite iconography.

So did the Quakers, with this image crafted by the Lutheran mystic, Jakob Böhme.

Do you find these images offensive? Really, you should! Yet, let it speak to you about the "secret" religion of the global elite, not just the religious institutions represented, and about their nature.

Is anything what it seems? That depends. Are you seeing things as you were taught and programmed, as the majority sees things? Or, are you seeing as through the eyes of the Lord Y'shua, from the perspective of The One who knows the end from the beginning?


  1. Symbolism not so hidden anymore. Despicable.

  2. Good moonday all, Fr. Craig Wolfe, i found the double heart was all over on valentine's day. Also heart looks just like a persian #5.
    On a tangent, ref. The london olympics, it is still my opinion the refugees" from all the chaos or war zones(economic war) represent the souvenir thorns(tares/stickers) from the burning rosebush.
    Carrying diseases, crime, poverty, opposite religious and political views etc.
    Scientist use dna now to store information. Hmm, thats another can of worms.
    With people, wr get programmable human carriers of God knows what.

  3. 10/13 is the same as 113 = abomination. 1917 = 1+9+1+7=18 (666) or 9/11, 7/11 [7+1+1=9, 9+1+1=11. These numbers are still relevant post event. Why????? PF=166=13. The entire "PAPA FRANCISCO FATIMA=116 (11×6) ras reduction.

  4. I just recently ran into your blog and just re-reading all your old posts. Been studying this info for sometime but wanted to ask if you or anyone else might have links to similar blogs that talk about subjects to this depth. Trying to get as much info as I can in my study. Thanks

    1. this place is one of a kind from my experiences

  5. Fr. Craig Wolfe, rt says the geniuses/ jinn/scientists want to "resurrect" the god of hades/underworld/ pluto. Black sun/hitler on the forehead, like ole charlie manson=helter skelter! Hmm sounds like the song for cali's dance.

  6. Fr. Craig Wolfe, Rev 6:4 thr "red rider", the one who takes peace and brings war/civil war. Popes friends at Ferrari got a new go fastest chariot.

  7. Fr. Craig Wolfe, boys at dwave came up with a new system to teach robots. Kindred=kin/reletives and rule over. Human-machine mind-meld.

    1. "Kindred hopes that this human-assisted learning will foster a fundamentally new and more powerful kind of artificial intelligence."


    AI - the ultimate poker face

  9. Fr. Craig Wolfe, 3/7=21. Statue of liberty/black Madonna, goes black at 11pm for about an hour till midnight. 3 , 7's is a gateway no?

    1. Black Madonna. The Silver Gate.


    WikiLeaks - Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed


  12. Will you do a video
    Of the Oregon basketball court?
    This would be a good time: "March (into) madness. Jeep logos on each side. Backwards. Pee j. It's a sodomite court