Saturday, October 14, 2017

Olympics, Halloween - Observations on the Ritual Season

On the Pagan/Satanic calendar, we're entering another high ritual season. Attending this, is the leading up to another Olympics, in South Korea. Tension is high about attending the games, because of threats made by neighboring North Korea. Tension-fear-energy harvesting for Satan. On Halloween, a witches high sabbath, the flaming torch will be passed from Greece to South Korea, marking the start of their national torch-bearing ritual. Check out the SRA ritual calendar. Preparations already began as of yesterday, which was already a special sabbath because it was a Friday the 13th. These rituals do matter, and your prayers matter.

The Olympic flame torch lighting ceremony is scheduled in ten days, on the 24th of October. It is a Luciferian illumination ceremony dedicated to Apollo by the priestesses (who are not just actresses) at the temple of Hera. Hera, goddess, wife of Zeus (aka Satan). The torch always makes the rounds in Greece before it's passed on to the host country. This year the hand off is on HALLOWEEN/Samhain.

24 October 2017 in Greece, starting with the traditional flame-lighting ceremony in Olympia.

“The slogan of the Olympic Torch Relay - ‘Let Everyone Shine’ - means the Olympic flame is never extinguished and sheds light on the dreams, passion, and future of everyone, anytime, and anywhere. It describes the Olympic Torch Relay of PyeongChang 2018, where light will shine on the potential of everyone and open new horizons.
Coinciding with 100 days to go on November 1st, and following the lighting of the flame in Olympia, Greece on October 24th, the torch will be handed over to the PyeongChang 2018 Organizing Committee on October 31st. The torch will travel to 17 metropolitan cities and provinces nationwide for 101 days, highlighting Korea’s leading IT technologies, traditional culture, and most spectacular sites to the world. The Olympic Torch will bring excitement to the whole country as communities come out to celebrate the special torchbearers that will carry the torch. The final torchbearer who will light the Olympic cauldron will only be revealed on February 9, the day of the opening ceremony for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018, and the cauldron will shed light on the events of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games for 17 days.”

You understand about the torch and the goddess? Sophia, Lady Liberty/Isis, etc? See Our Lady of the Olympics for more.

Since 2008 (Beijing - and the London Ceremonies), we've given a lot of attention to the rituals performed in connection with the Olympics and Paralympics, especially the opening and closing ceremonies. Those in 2012 were especially significant, and are in no small part responsible for the skewing of time that finds us where we are now, still awaiting the pending time reset.

Yesterday is coming.

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