Sunday, October 22, 2017

PumpHouse Ministries

Of all the offensive logos we see, those that rank at the top of that list involve charities and ministries and health care and memorials like the Oklahoma City 10 commandments. The offense is so great because the witness presents such evil in the labeling of what is so readily being accepted as good. One can hardly make that statement and not name the Pope and everything going on at the Vatican before closing the sentence, but this post is not about the Mother church but one of the daughters of Babylon. PumpHouse Ministries. We know nothing of their operation, personally, except for their branding - and that this kind of evil makes victims of the innocent and ignorant!

Do you see two people, one helping the other wash or get a drink at the well pump, in front of a rising or setting sun? That's what you're expecting to see. It all looks so innocent until you dare to take a closer look. Look at with an understanding of how disobedience to the 2nd commandment brings a curse. See it in the context where the enemies of the Most High God exploit every opportunity to do evil, and the sodomite gateway has a major role in the spread of corruption of the world.

You recall the recently posted video illustrating the Occult imagery on the labels of pumpkin butter, right? This is on the same line. By clipping out the distracting bits so you can plainly see the sun shining where the sun don't shine. Mooning, with the sun - a very familiar routine, yes? “A Sun” - anagram: ANUS.

In the following, we generated a few variants of the brand imagery, shifting the characters around on the stage to illustrate the engagements that are suggested in their scene.

When we consider the pump as a potential third figure, adding the head that seems to be missing, a male child appears. Whether the head is facing one way or the other, the scenes bear witness to sexual abuse, to pedophilia.

This is not just a crude gag. When you take a step back and consider what you're looking at, it reeks of ritual abuse and the attending ritual sodomy that leads to illumination. SRA DID. MK-Ultra, Monarch programming. By nature, pedophilia is involved. The "missing head" speaks of the dissociative state that is induced in the victim through extreme trauma and ritual sodomy. This has Pizza Party (PizzaGate/PedoGate) written all over it!

The imagery for promoting Donations to PumpHouse Ministries is revealing. The heart formed by the hands is a familiar way to signal the butt. It's the heart-butt and anagram for, hater. Hands, handlers, handling the slave through the control mechanism that involves ritual sodomy. The stylized letter D evokes their logo's pump. Like their logo, it resembles a butt. Notice how this letter is a Tau Cross on the edge of a circle, a union of the X and O. This establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, which is really one of the many identities of Lucifer, of Satan, the Devil. The union of those classic forms is also the symbol of the kind of celestial Sex Magick that produces Horus, an antichrist identity.

If the arc encircling the logo were extended (which is implicit, magically) it would cross through the letter H. If you know what is called the Triple Tau (Freemasonry - Royal Arch (arse) Masons) you may recognize the H as a Double Tau. This circle crossing the double Tau cross adds redundancy to the goddess exaltation and sex magick. Placing this double Tau next to the only round letter adds yet another layer, and potency.

When the very simple arrangement of the common words in the name of this religious institution is considered, what appears is supplemental to what we've illustrated above.

There's a single letter O in the name, and the only letter t in the name points right at it! X union O. Exalting the Goddess. Sex Magick producing Horus.

Horus? The word, Ho+r+us, appears when you read in a cross-line fashion. This kind of thing can be considered as a subliminal, and is related to NLP in how it works. It's the way of symbol magick. Right in the same place where Horus is named, we see a sequence of letters, ies, which suggests, eyes. Horus Eyes. The anus is known to Occultists as the Horus Eye, and the anus is central to the pumping action scenes of the logo variants, right?

We note that there are three letters, i, in the name, PumpHouse Ministries. The Third Eye is the Horus Eye, and this reference has to do with pineal/kundalini activation and the illumination that ritual sodomy and ritual abuse intends to produce. Certainly, not every occurrence of the word, ministries, warrants such an interpretation as this, but not every context is innocent.

The act of sodomy usually involves a penis, and so we find the construction of p+p+Ho+se or pp hose in the name that is already connected together in a peculiar way. Reading cross-line we find p+inis, pinis, a misspelled or phonetic instance of, penis. The letter p is often leveraged as an ideogram of the phallic package, and so it is right here. We know this because it points at the dot in the i, a letter that is, of itself, recognized as an ideogram of a phallus (stem of the i) poking an anus (the dot of the i). You'll find examples in the series of posts we did on the subject of the “i” of Horus.

There is a letter i that points to the H, suggesting, Horus Eye.

You can find a cross-line Ho+st, or Host, which is pertinent to the context because a victim of this kind of featured activity becomes a host for the demons who are installed thereby. It's the power of the demons that all the activity revolves around, and hosts are required.

It seems worthwhile to point out the occurrence of a word with a central location. (Mi)nis(tries) = sin. Fitting. Very fitting indeed! Another cross-line finding is H+ist+o+ries. Histories. This activity goes back, through the histories of the families involved, way, way back, even before the flood of Noah's day, right back to the Garden of Eden.

The word Mini(stries), short for miniature, speaks to us of the child abuse and pedophilia that is key to the scheme whereby a person is hijacked for life through this means. This is pictured in the branding, and it presents quite a testimony!

We have a few more observations to make about this. The adjacent m and M is signaling Code 33. Rotate the M a quarter turn clockwise. The PM acronym is Code 33, with M as a rotated 3, and with P being 11 when Z = 1. 3*11=33. See the Code 33 blog series for many more examples.

The orange color of the sun lit scene is a color theme of ritual sodomy.

Consider this anagram of PumpHouse: Pump U Hoes. U as you and Hoes as whores. Flip the initial P upside down and it renders "bum." Bum P (pee or phallic package) House.

This branding speaks to us as more than just a casual thing. Again, we're not personaly familiar with the ministry or anyone involved with it. We are becoming very familiar with the symbol language used and are interpreting it in the usual way that is consistent. We see this sunny backside as Horus' own, the sun god's own. Among his identities are those where he has the form of a goat. (GOAT = God Of All Things / PAN means ALL) We see a version of the PumpHouse Ministries logo where the two figures are kissing the butt. This action has long been featured in ceremonial initiation, for witches and Satanic cults. It's called, Osculum Infame, the infamous obscene kiss.

Some tell us they think we repeat these things over and over because we're obsessed with the foul subject matter. We do have an obsession. Freedom. Truth. Making the most of what we've got, for as long as we've got it.

12 But what I am doing I will continue to do, so that I may cut off opportunity from those who desire an opportunity to be regarded just as we are in the matter about which they are boasting. 13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds. ~ 2 Corinthians 11:12-15

Halloween is nearly here. Samhain, a High Sabbath, on the Pagan calendar with a long history of human sacrifice behind it. Be on the alert, dear saint. Pray as led.


  1. I see an eclipse in process. X+O.
    Dont no what to say about this degenerate.

    1. Eclipse, lining up the sun and moon.

      The degenerate will probably have his day.

  2. Greetings Bob, another incredibly gut wrenching post my friend. I just have to comment on this one. Numbers are my thing. P+U+M+P=66 (66 House) & MM code 33 thats 666. "The Pump House Ministries meets people at their point of need providing them opportunities to develop their God~given potential". The point of need part is alarming. The capital letters in "Primping Prior to the Infamous Kiss" scream 9/11. P(16)=7 in the reduced method and 7+7=14 and of course "IK" = 9-11. The date 9+1+1+2+0+0+1=14. The term "all seeing eye" has a
    score of 119 (9/11) and is atop a 13 level pyramid on the dollar bill making it the 14th level. "Eye of horus" = 137=11. So, is the staff in on it? Is there a secret password? What in the world is going on here? There is more hidden communication going on here. Love your blog, Bob. By the way, I have discovered that colors are numbers too. Red=27=9, white=65 and blue= 40. All together =132 =6. USA=41 (13th prime number). Fifty=66, stars=77 (66+77=143), stripes= 106. There are 13 stripes. 106+13=119 (9/11). The devil IS in the details. Blessings brother!

    1. Thanks and blessings Che. Gut wrenching indeed. We've out-ed so many of these snares, but each one brings the emotions.



  5. "Ph" is the acronym for Pan handler and "Pablo Honey", Radiohead's "debut studio album".

  6. In atbash, "PH" becomes "KS". K=11 and S(18)=9(1+8). 9 11.

  7. Bob Greetings friend,it's been awhile since I have been up and around, I have been fighting a nasty sinus infection and so lost contact. Anyway, today and really the past weeks I have been reading Ezekiel concerning the Throne of the Almighty. Satans old job was covering that throne for the King of Kings, so I suppose thrones carry great weight with our adversary. What is it exactly with these people trying to establish a/the throne of any god or goddess?? Personally I do believe the Watchers started to be released right our past industrial revolution. So we know the spiritual breaks thru..Often. What's with establishing the throne,to what purpose is it?

    1. The throne is about having authority.

  8. S is not 18. It's 19. I apologize for the error. 19 is the number of total characters in Pump House Ministries. 19 is the 8th prime number.

    1. Thanks for correcting yourself, brother.


  9. King James Bible
    And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.
    Petro dollar is under assault. US dollar acts as reserve currency for oil. Our economy is drunk with this influence. Economy is the energy of a country. All energy travels in waves. Our economy is based on illusion. House built on shifting sand falls when tested by elements(time).

  10. The pump action is on edge of the black circle for mars. Hmm. Like cern, particle collisions. Where rumors of little black holes exist. Theyre trying to peak thru the vail by getting really small(george carlin) on the quantum level. Example, the processors main moving part is a single atom spinning. I suspect theyre trying to get in synch with the spin. Or dance with it metaphorically. Lord shiva does a dance at the door. Kali is his consort right. Kalifornia, where the back door is. Hollywood, movie stars. Weirdos. Big cracks/faultlines. Etc

    Reminds me of a coronal mass ejection. Not to be to graphic. Metaphorically blackout=lights out. Light being key word. John 1.

    Check the High Ritual dates! Focused on the city that has so many false time god exalting monuments.