Thursday, August 02, 2018

Comic-Con and the OTO, Code 33 and Code 93

Comics, like Marvel, and DC, are hugely influential in todays world! Comic-Con San Diego is "the grandaddy of annual comics conventions, this sci-fi/animation mecca has cosplay contests, screenings, & countless panels with artists & showrunners." According to Forbes, ComicCon San Diego is the "largest convention of its kind in the world." The San Diego group even holds the trademark on the comic-con name.

Here's their logo. The name is Comic-Con, short for comic book or comics convention. The acronym CC is Code 33 because C is the 3rd letter. That's popular and meaningful. The connection with 33rd degree Freemasonry is supported.

On seeing the logo, immediately, some will say, "Ahhh. It's the all seeing eye. Illuminati." And they would be right. Here's how we know, because the logo that is their identity reveals their signature salutation.

Consider how they arranged the words in the design, balancing Com and Con and separating the IC, elevating it. IC ~ Eye See. Elevating the IC, the C-ing I, the all seeing eye, like above the pyramid on the Great Seal of the US, the all-seeing eye of providence, the Eye of Jupiter, of Horus.

And here's the thing about the IC. This is secretly signaling "The Law" to Thelamites, followers of the ways of the acclaimed magus Aleister Crowley. The letter, I, is the 9th and the C is the 3rd, so IC = 93, and 93 is used by members of the O.T.O. and other Occultists as shorthand for "The Law" of Thelema. IC as 93 means: "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law. Love under will." If that language sounds like it might actually be a good thing, you have not yet learned what those terms mean to them in their twisted thinking.

As for the OTO, this is actually embedded twice in the logo. Take the word CON. The letter C is an O, with a letter T inside, on its side. So, with the letter C as an O and T, adding the O next to it makes OTO. This same embedding is in the CO of COMIC.

So, IC is Code 93 for "The Law" of Thelema - and IC is the signature of the illumined, even the many branched Illuminati.

IC - refers to the "Eye See" that is the illumination, the Luciferian Illumination of the activated Eye of Horus.

In the HQ logo variant, you can take that addition as the HO of HOrus, and the crossing of the O that you see as making a Q is on this level of design the cross that is the typical Rx crossing of the leg, with Rx being the ancient mark of the Eye of Horus, and Jupiter.

Comic-Con speaks to me of the con job being pulled off by the illumined and the prankster god who illumines them. But they have a sick sense of humor.

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