Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 3

Again, we're excited and very grateful to be able to announce that the third installment in a very important series of videos has been produced and published to our YouTube account!

Does the Bible conceal and reveal a reset of time, even the particulars about when this will happen? We argue, yes, and the case for this continues to be made in this third installment with a "fly-over the forest" - or, more befitting of the vast scope of this survey - over a world of forests. We lightly touch on 14 examples from the Bible.

This collection represents less than half of what we intend to present!

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 3 - Time Reset - 14 biblical examples.

The long version of the title is:

The Lord's End Time Calendar - Part 3 - The Pending Reset of Time and the Doubled Shemitah (*Devoured and Devouring) - 14 Samples of the Biblical Evidence

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