Thursday, January 10, 2019

Announcing Part 2 - Amazon - A Time Warrior

In Part 2, Amazon's headquarters is given our special attention, where we find evidence that a complex ritual is in play with the Amazon Spheres in a central role. The warring aspect of Amazon and of Blue Origin is introduced, and layer after layer of detailed evidence is presented that reveals a dark agenda. In the supernatural war that is being fought over time, which appears to be influencing our world in strange ways, Amazon's founder and CEO must be seen as a player.

One might think that with every video we produce they get easier and easier. Not so. Without the Lord's continued help, and lots of it, there's no possibility of producing anything. Aaron and I are rejoicing in the victory this latest video represents. It's been quite a battle. The Lord Y'shua has been so gracious with His provision along the way, encouraging us and affirming with generous outpourings of favor that we're on track and keeping pace with Him as He leads the way.

Part 2: Amazon - A Time Warrior - Primordial Waters and the Unwinding of This Creation