Sunday, January 20, 2019

Announcing Part 3 - Amazon - A Time Warrior

In Part 3 we share some insight into how recent headline news about Amazon and Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos factors into the mega ritual that intends to unwind this creation back to the beginning. We offer more insight into how the Amazon headquarters in Seattle factors in. What you will probably find most compelling is what we reveal about the deeper meaning of the branding of Amazon Prime and also Amazon Originals, the unique content of Amazon Prime that is related also to Amazon Studios.

We have continued to receive signs and to hear from others who are validating what we've been sharing. I visited Aaron a few days ago and we went to the theater to see Aquaman. What we saw was validating, of the Amazon ritual and the goal of the unwinding of this creation, and of the pending reset of time! We have definitely been enjoying another upgrade in the "eyes that see and ears that hear" department. Our God is so good to us, brothers and sisters!

Part 3: Amazon - A Time Warrior - Primordial Waters and the Unwinding of This Creation

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