Saturday, June 22, 2019

A new video and format - recorded June 21

Bob and Aaron talk about familiar themes and minister a sobering message.

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The Pending Reset of Time

We're introducing a more structured format for this type of presentation, which we intend to continue as the Lord provides.

A: Scripture of keystone/reset
B: Signs of the reset of time, in media, etc.
C: Preaching / Practical matters

In this latest video of a chat session recorded on June 21, we talk about:

A: The curious echo events in John 18 and 1 Kings 19 plus the epic revelation of Genesis 29


  • Why Everyone's Leaving YouTube - 2019 energy harvest - to a large degree this is about being "Demonitized" or DEMON-itized i.e. devil spirit possession - the terminology of YouTube/Google/Alphabet
  • Speaking from the heart and bearing witness to the holy spirit about the coming season and our preparation

Bob and Aaron talk - in a 3 part format - recorded June 21

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