Sunday, June 30, 2019

Bob and Aaron (June 29) on the reset of time in scriptures, signs - with preaching

Hi everybody!

Another time sign involving a RESET was witnessed while we were recording the previous session and then producing that video where Ezekiel 47 was highlighted! We talk about that and much more in another video chat in the three-part format!

  • The prophetic feeding of the 4000 (Matthew 15-16 / Mark 8)
  • The triquetra symbol as TIME - Past, Present and Future - and the intersection
  • Dark - Season 2 (Netflix) - dancing ALL OVER the primary themes
  • The sign of 6/28/19 - power outage and water flow RESET
  • A recent prophetic word given to Aaron
  • The report of dates to expect arrival of Yom Teruah in 2019
  • The requirement of competing according to the rules

* Spoiler Alert for: "Dark" Season 2
Skip over from 27:31 through 48:05

Bob and Aaron (June 10) - more testimony about the pending reset of time!

Curious about the pending reset of time and what it means to you?

See: The Pending Reset of Time

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