Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Harness of the Lord (Bill Britton)

Bill Britton (1918-1985) was a prophet who had a vision in the 1960s while he was attending a meeting in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We present this reading in a video as a tribute to this revelation that has been a blessing to both of us over the years. But more than that, this message for the saints at the close of the age is today a timely message. For some, you will find comfort and encouragement to help sustain you in the Lord's joy and strength. Others will find in it the conviction of the holy spirit.

The Harness of the Lord (Bill Britton) presented by Bob and Aaron


The Harness of the Lord (Eagle Saints Arise - Bill Britton Ministries)

The Harness of the Lord by Bill Britton - on The Open Scroll


  1. What you may not realize is that there are a numerous hidden number of saints throughout the whole world who have heard Word of the Lord through Brother Bill Britton. While it may seem a revelation to some, to others it is a way of life. A narrow path of discipline, hardships and testings. Yet even the few saints destined towards the Lord’s training and inner realm of revelation in this time of famine have no sure guarantee of achieving the promised land. Only those chosen by the Lord himself will achieve true Sonship. We can only hope we will achieve his purpose in this life. Many deceptions and schemes of the Evil One are at work in the land even now to trick and deceive saints from following the One True God. Deceivers and frauds have tricked many good Christian men from recognizing God’s true church. There are many true believers even in so-called mainstream and even liberal denominations- they simply have not been awakened yet to the One True God. Even my own eyes as a Son were blinded for many years after receiving the revelation of the harness of the Lord. Don’t mistake hardships and trials as proof of Sonship. Only God can reveal his true Son to those who are ready. Then the true testing begins!

  2. Hi Andy, and thanks for posting the comment. Have you been aware of The Open Scroll for a while? Have you considered what we call the Bride Theft, and the qualification of the Bride and the value of knowing about the times and seasons with exactness? Bill's terminology was also rather specific and rather particular to his usage, so as is very common, there is an initial communication barrier when it comes to discussions of matters of salvation and qualification.

  3. Andy and Bob: where is the Gospel in your message? You preach and teach the arbitrary favoritism of satan, whom you falsely declare as "the one true god". Why is Jesus Christ absent from your musings? Because covertly you deem Him "the evil one". You are both waiting for "Moshiach", the man of lawlessness and sin.

  4. Thank you brothers. This was very personal to me. I rejoice in The Harness! Blessings in Our Lord