Monday, August 26, 2019

Bob and Aaron (August 25) on the reset of time in scriptures, signs - with preaching

We're not yet ready to begin expounding on our intensive study of 1 Kings 18 but we do have more timely insights into the scriptures and resonant indicators of the pending reset of time to share!

Subjects include:

Bob and Aaron (July 5) on the reset of time in scriptures, signs - with preaching

"In the Ballpark" - the Jerusalem-time "reset" countdown clock

Curious about the pending reset of time? See The Pending Reset of Time


  1. I would love to meet others that are following Bob and Aaron / Open Scroll for a hand shake in person.
    Open Scroll Prayer and Fellowship in Person Meeting - Meetings

    I am located in Finksburg, MD about 30 minutes west of Baltimore, MD
    Also ready and willing to host a meeting if needed in this area or travel where ever needed.
    I'm off on Fridays and Saturdays but can get off other days if needed with some advanced notice...
    Please let me know what you all think and let me know what dates are good for anyone else
    that would like to meet for prayer and fellowship.
    Remember I am off on all Fridays and Saturdays but can get off other days to accommodate others

    Thank-You and God Bless

  2. I love you Guys.. I emailed Bob and Aaron and they replied in minutes! That's how much they care about what they are doing!!! For anyone that thinks this is a SCAM for them to make money off of scare tactics, that for sure is not the case. I have no idea if what they believe is 100% true but it really does resonate with me. They have pointed out so much that I am seeing the same patterns and sooooooo much about time and time reset. Praise God for us finding these prophets in these last days.

  3. Thank You my brothers. ⚓

  4. I have been following the open scroll from a long time ago, I do not regret the time that I have spent learning with them. This is a special time, pointing to a great awakening. Thank you Bob and Aaron, God bless you and all the Saints.

  5. "Great awakening"? That is not what the Savior, Jesus Christ, says. He warns us of Great Tribulation.

    1. So this is how it is with you, unknown. You take one specific season, and apply that universally. As an accusation. There is no love of the truth evident in that. Repent. While what some call a great awakening is not biblical, the principle remains. Call it revival, if you will, which is happening and will happen.