Sunday, September 01, 2019

Bob and Aaron (August 31) 1 Kings 18-19 + "Designated Survivor": Saturn Ritual

We're now in the final month of this timeline, so far as we know - and as incredible as it might seem, we continue to be encouraged that this is so!

Our "In the Ballpark" Jerusalem-time "reset" countdown clock

In this video we feature insights into the scriptures and resonant indicators of the pending reset of time, including:

  • 1 Kings 18-19 (1 of 3 - the framework) - Interactive
  • "Designated Survivor": Saturn Ritual - (father) "Time will save you"
  • Urgent Care - MedExpress - a literal time sign
  • Andrew Luck - retires in 2019, started career in 2012 - "breaking the cycle"
  • Fortnite (2 weeks) "Think Back. Look Forward. Twist Time."
  • Preaching timely scriptures!

Bob and Aaron (August 31) 1 Kings 18-19 + "Designated Survivor": Saturn Ritual

Curious about the pending reset of time? See The Pending Reset of Time

Referenced inside this video:
Peppermint Decoded - Time Ritual - Part 1 and Part 2


  1. Tri-state PA here where PA-NY-NJ meet. Anyone in this area?

    1. portent - You're not too far from Big Dog, so you may want to reply to his YT comment and put your email address out there, too.

  2. I have 2 questions. How do we know that we wont simply be repeating the same sins over when the reset happens? i know we need to trust in Jesus and the Father and not doubt. But if it does happen what do we do? I apologize for not asking in the guide post.

  3. To have faith eases the burden. Trust Him that doing your honest best will be recognized and produce the best result, for you personally and everyone else the benefit is intended for. What you should do each time you're confronted with coming up short is always to repent, sincerely and immediately, IF the opportunity is presented - which is not always going to be the case.

    1. Thank you very much for replying. it has helped me as well. I shall keep trusting in the Father and Jesus. I will repent as much as it takes and will follow our lords and Father's Commandments.

  4. Thank You Bob and Aaron! Blessings in Our Lord brothers�� Rough seas to maneuver, thankful for the anchors ⚓⚓��

  5. ELEVATOR INCIDENTS - Washington Monument, Pope/Vatican & Prince (song)
    9-1-19 - 7 minutes late - Pope gets stuck in Vatican elevator for 25 min., firefighters rescue him
    August 2016 - Washington Monument has been closed to visitors - shut down by elevator problems.
    9-19-19 - Early-risers head to newly open Washington Monument following 3-year closure
    First lady Melania Trump participated in a ribbon-cutting to mark the reopening
    Sept 21 - Elevator down: Visitors stuck atop newly reopened after an hour.

    9-19-19 - False Alert in Hawaii
    Greta Thunberg, Washington Monument, Texas floods: World in Photos, Sept. 19, 2019
    Sept 20-24 - The Circle of Light Moscow International Festival is an annual event at which lighting designers and audio-visual artists from various countries reinvent the architecture of Moscow.
    Bizarre Opening Ceremony For Russia's 'Circle of Light' Festival (2019)
    9-20 - A Celebration of Human Fraternity
    The first public event hosted by the Higher Committee implementing the Document on Human Fraternity took place at the New York City Public Library on Friday, bringing together hundreds of people from different religious and cultural backgrounds.
    9-20 - -
    Committee for Human Fraternity to build church next to mosque and synagogue in Abu Dhabi - -