Saturday, December 07, 2019

John 17 - Interactive: Love, Glory, and Unity - and a sign connected with Leonard Ravenhill

Bob and Aaron begin to put the interactive version of John 17 on exhibit.

John 17 - Interactive

After helping Bob proof the latest version to be published, the playlist Aaron has been working his way through started to auto-play a teaching by Leonard Ravenhill, featuring the same chapter! We have been wanting to produce a video on this for almost two months, and only now did we receive the necessary provision to do so - and the Lord "sealed the deal" in His familiar way, actually doubling up on the signs! And so it is that we are rejoicing about this milestone event!

Quotes from Suffering With Jesus Christ - by Leonard Ravenhill

"And this morning we want to meditate on the greatest prayer ever prayed by the greatest man that ever lived: John chapter 17." (Leonard Ravenhill)

"If you approach John chapter 17 as I approach it, I think you'll feel like Moses - you'll want to slip your shoes off your feet - for this certainly is holy ground." (Leonard Ravenhill)

"The greatest storm that any human being ever entered was entered by The Lord Jesus here in this 17th chapter." (Leonard Ravenhill)

This video is the first of three studies in this playlist: John 17 - Interactive - a series of 3 studies

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