Friday, December 20, 2019

"What Christmas Smells Like"

You'll see cross-line NLP clusters, Codes 33, 47 and 88, Eye of Horus/Harmerty and more on exhibit as Bob and Aaron expose some of the magic of the season, decoding some of the season's ads from:
  • Make -a Wish
  • Disney + Sagas Series Sports
  • Bath & Body Works
  • Best Buy
  • Yankee Candle
  • Walmart

"What Christmas Smells Like"

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  1. I've only just come across your blog. I'm not familiar with any of this stuff. Just watching the video. If you remove all the mirror imaged letters you are left with 'RI PORT'. I just read a bit where you said RE is same as RA. Well didn't Rihanna get called 'Ri Ri'? Could Ri also mean RE? So 're port' would be like a port to the sun god? Also if you put it together it makes 'report' which means echo. Could that be magically amplifying the hissing somehow? In Hamlet (which the elite love best of all Shakespeare's plays) there's an emphasis on the 'report' (echos) of canons and trumpets.

    1. Hi Claire. Rihanna's name is already very meaningful. It means "Great Queen." She has bee featured in mass ritual to represent the "queen of heaven," Isis, Inanna, Mary, Venus, the goddess of a thousand names. I've read that the Freemasons favor The Tempest.