Monday, April 06, 2020

Is this the end? The 13th day of the 1st month has arrived!

Today, Aaron and I recorded a session that resulted in 2 videos being produced and uploaded to our channels.

The first: Bob reflects on the 40 years since his new birth

Bob reflects on the 40 years since his new birth

The second: Is the Reset of Time at Hand! Signs and observations

  • The signs of the falling calendar and car model
  • The Timely sign of DEVS (on Hulu FX) and the Remote Viewer Black Out
  • The Reboots of 2 Peter 3 vs the Reset of Time
  • Watermelon Love - the Ritual Abuse Angle and Deceptive Cover
  • "As it was in the Days of Noah"

Is the Reset of Time at Hand! Signs and observations

Curious about the pending reset of time? See The Pending Reset of Time


  1. An astrology site I subscribe to just sent me this:

    Today's Libra Super Full Moon is incredible strong!
    Emotions are high.
    Libra ruled by Venus has to do with relations and earth events.

    How is relationship with yourself?

    This Full Moon's focus is about appreciating yourself and others.
    During this time of external control instead of going into frustration, change perspective and go into a self retreat, to break any resistance.

    There is a battle between truth and deceit: the ones who enslaved humanity for eons and us, we the people.

    We are living EPIC Times!
    This "virus" is changing the entire humanity.
    World will not be the same, we will see radical shifts.

    Massive shift, global reset is happening.
    Nature is getting restored, healed.

    We are being put to the test.
    Very confusing times for many but as we do our work we start feeling relief.
    This Full Moon is bringing a lot of deep messages of healing.
    Look within and see where you feel contracted, limited, restricted, tense in your life.

    Crown chakra has a tendency to contract. Heart asks the crown to open up beautifully to the Great Awakening to receive the right information.

    Remember Fear contracts, Love opens.

    The Fullness of this Moon is asking to open yourself to the Supreme Universal Truth. Intuition, research, work on finding the truth, meditation, prayers will do. Opinions without research and cutting corners will not.

    This is a deep purging and clearing away before a major 'RESET'.
    It is the "calm before the storm".

    Libra is about justice. People want the truth, want justice, want freedom.

    Freedom is happening on Awakening and Spiritual Levels.

    Honor the choices your soul made to be here during these times!

    Remain strong and stand in the light!
    I feel we'll come out of this glorious and united.
    I wish you all the best for the reset. See you on the other side.


    1. Thanks Geoff! We continue to see the reset theme resonating everywhere, and we are encouraged about the pending reset of time being more near. The Lord's word about the timing, "soon" has not yet been elaborated upon with the matter of exactly how much longer we must abide in this season, but we continue to watch with eager anticipation.

  2. Thank you Bob for sharing your timeline with us and your years of tireless work along with Aaron who I thank for joining you. I have gained much spiritual understanding from all your teachings. I want to take this time to thank Aaron for his 'nostalgia' talk, I reflect back on it often when a pang of my former life comes to mind and it snaps me out of it. I'm grateful I knew of TOS more than 7 yrs ago. Based on your extreme analysis I am truly convinced of the time reset, I am in awe of what has been revealed to you. Even more I thank the Most High I AM for all his abundant love and mercy. I pray regularly for your ministry to stay strong and prosper.

    1. I'm so grateful for the Lord's work in you, of His drawing you more and more near to Him. And I'm so grateful for what the Lord has done in me, and in Aaron. Thanks so much for your prayers! We are in this together as the pending reset of time draws more and more near!

  3. Anonymous12:11 AM

    If you want me come and get me cuz I´m done .. ? Is that what you call repenting and believing the Gospel? You said this to "whomever was listening"?

    1. Your god apparently lives in a little tiny box. It was one key step in the development of our relationship. Not the first. Not the last.

  4. Dear brothers,
    From my youtube algorithm after I viewed your last video.
    At 9:04 in the video , He seems to be talking about the reset, a portal in the sky and a 'plasma apocalypse'. Also, he equates corona to Kronos. I thought you two were the only ones openly talking about the time correction.

    1. The reset is pending, and while very few people really know what it means there are many who perceive it from one limited perspective or another, from one angle or another.

  5. I will stand my watch, and wait to see how I am corrected.I will praise The Lord all of the days of my life. For He has been a stronghold for me and an anchor. I hope I spelled that right. When I sit in darkness The Lord Himself Himself is a light to me.I appreciate you and love you.

    1. Thanks for watching with us as the Lord draws near and lights our way! Love and blessings in Y'shua!

  6. Anonymous7:46 AM

    Why don´t you reflect on the upcoming 72 anniversary of Mystery Babylon. 72 years of tyranny and bloodshed of the children of Jacob-Israel?

    1. Mystery Babylon? Not entirely. You are misinformed, even deceived by the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon.