Friday, April 17, 2020

This is HUGE! Our Take on Microsoft's Filing of Patent #060606

In this video: We note that this patent's abstract has a simple acronym in the very awkward description of, "Body activity data" - B.A.D.! Many recognize a 666 suggested in the patent number, evoking the beast and mark of the beast from Revelation 13. That's certainly B.A.D.!

To Watch: "This is HUGE! Our Take on Microsoft's Filing of Patent #060606"

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International Patent: wo/2020/060606 * cryptocurrency system using body activity

Watch our video where a Microsoft Windows logo was decoded as a symbol of the mark of the beast.

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  1. Dear Bob and Aaron,

    Back in late December I had left a post about an unusual 2012 time number incident that I had involving money that fell out of the clothes dryer. Last night at work there was another unusual event that I wanted to pass along. Like the first incident, I was at the firehouse and our crew was awoken sometime between midnight and 1 a.m. and dispatched for, "Alarms sounding in the building". When we arrived on scene the address was a 3 story apartment with the hallway smoke detectors activated. This particular system was wired to activate the detectors on all floors regardless of the device that sensed smoke to ensure the entire buildings occupants are alerted. After a quick assessment we found that one of the smoke detectors on the second floor was malfunctioning and had set off the system. It was disconnected and the alarms stopped. On occasion the malfunctioning unit can be "fixed" by blowing on the sensor as dust, spider webs, insects etc. will cause the detector to mistake these things for smoke. Not so in this case. Every time we tried to tie this unit back into the system the alarms would re-activate throughout the building. We ended up leaving the unit disconnected and advised the occupants to replace it as soon as possible. Here is where it gets interesting.
    On the ride back to the station my officer begins to tell me that he was surprised that the unit malfunctioned as it was less than 10 years old. He said, "It was manufactured in November of 2012, and put in service in May of '13". These calls are quite common for us and he has never mentioned any date of a detector before.
    I began to note how the alarm came in an hour, (the 12th) that was late and dark. The alarm was sounded because of a malfunctioning device produced in 2012. Every time the unit was given power it would continue to sound the alarm. The only way to fix the problem and ensure the safety of those who lived there was to replace it with a new one.
    Thanks for all your hard work, God Bless


    1. Thanks Gabriel. That is such a familiar pattern! Good observations! Thanks for passing it on to us. The signs continue!

    2. Please take a look at John McAfees Twitter profile (which it says was created in NOVEMBER 2012!) and please take a look at his tweets concerning Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

      Hopefully his tweets can help you to see the truth concerning the Coronavirus.

      Greetings and may God bless you,

  2. Great article, Bob.

  3. For your goodself and your readership (see link). You're one of the best out there Open Scroll. Thanks for all you do.