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Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Code 88

(Inspired by Observations made by a Redditer on: Christopher Lloyd and 88 * Thanks, Brandon)

The movie titled, 88, was very hard to watch, with the violence, gore and excessive sexuality of that style of film, but Aaron and I both were compelled to watch it. The movie is absolutely loaded with #88 signals that are both overt and covert. What we call Code 88 is a familiar celestial code that is used in space-time ritual magic. (See: Code 88: Space-Time (and the Lion's Gate)) The lead character's lover was named Aster. That means, star. Some of the events involve a motel room and these are always room number 88. One of the recurring settings is room 88 of the Starlight Inn. Celestial!

Mind-control programming is a pretty obvious theme. Identifying the lead character as a beta sex kitten and delta assassin and Lloyd's character as her handler/programmer should be easy. The way the sequences are jumbled testifies on this level of the slave/victim's experience of "out of time" memories. This feature also speaks to the matter of the space-time ritual anchored on the signaling of 88.

The lead character should also be identified as the goddess type through her wearing of the red dress and her obsession with drinking milk. The DAIRY QUEEN - Hathor. This goddess symbolism is layered up. For example, she is the celestial goddess, obviously, who is Venus. And, twice, she is served milk at a bar or counter by someone in the role of the queen bee goddess, because of the tradition of the fermented honey drink, mead. Her name is Gwen, meaning white circle, white, pure, blessed, blessed ring, holy.

Here's a screen capture from the movie "88" showing the house number and street name of the house where Christopher Lloyd's character lives. 88 Constellation Row. It has been accepted for many years that there are a total of 88 recognized constellations of the Zodiac, which can be described as a row. The length of the movie is 88 minutes, exactly. That makes it "time bound," a magick ritual thing.

When you get to the end credits you will notice that they roll them in the opposite direction, scrolling them down from above, also featuring an inversion in sequence. As Above, So Below. Magick Ritual.

The stylized text spills the beans on one of the features we call out as code very frequently. Each time a B appears in a name it is swapped for an 8. BB88 - with B as 8 by reason of simple resemblance.

Christopher Lloyd is also the lead actor in, The Boat Builder (2015). The Title is Code 88 (BB88), and the plot has a distinct resonance with the celestial code as he is a retired ship's captain who lives to restore his boat and set off to sea.

(Evocative of the famous poem - "I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by," - John Masefield, From "Sea-Fever", in Salt-Water Ballads (1902) )

The following scenes from the film should speak loudly to you.

This screenshot is from 13 seconds in, when the moment that first signals the mastery of time is presenting a space-time ritual.

The lead actor's name is appearing in the credits as he appears riding his bicycle. See these posts on The Open Scroll Blog, where we illustrate how the bicycle is used to represent a dimension-transiting vehicle. The actor has all the casting resonance imported from his appearances in the, Back to the Future, trilogy (as Doc Brown), from, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (as John Bigboote), etc. Space-time ritual in a time-binding moment.

When the film's title screen appears, the camera lingers on the shoreline.

The boat builder had just paused there with his bicycle. He just left but the camera doesn't pan with him. The Boat Builder, BB88. The shoreline is where the water as time meets the sands of time. The rocks and the water are symbolic elements that are so frequently paired in the esoteric context of space and time, even in the Bible.

The chain is also symbolic. It is first evoking the divine seirai of theurgy, the connection between men and the Celestial Bodies. The chain with its "Twin Torus" links evokes the Celestial Silver Gate, which lies between the constellations of Gemini (The Twins) and Taurus. For more insight, see Part 7 - Ke$ha's 'Crazy Kids' - Twinned Torus Chains.

In allegory, or in ceremonial magick ritual, to identify it more plainly, with his dimension-transiting vehicle he transited the Silver Gate, departing from the space-time dimension we were viewing.

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