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Part 7 - Ke$ha's 'Crazy Kids' - Twinned Torus Chains

It's hard not to notice the chains worn around the necks of Ke$ha,, his escorts and even the dogs. These are richly symbolic! Those most prominent are the common hardware kind that are used for lifting or pulling or securing. On one level, the chains witness to the secure binding of the handler-slave relationship, and the bond creating mechanism of ritual sodomy, but there is more to the esoteric meaning of the chains that really is notable!

As a necessary caveat, if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please consider moving on.

Here's a link to the featured video. Ke$ha - Crazy Kids ft.

The cryptic video's chains conceal yet another reference to the Silver Gate. Here's an image found on the Wikipedia entry for “chain,” which points out the torus shape. The basic unit of a chain is the link, and each link is the geometrical object called a torus. Think about it. Torus ~ Taurus. Every link in the chain is just like another so they are identical twins. The Twins are Gemini, in the Zodiac. A chain is literally composed of the twinned torus so, in a figure, this common object represents the Silver Gate of the celestial Zodiac, which is located between the horns of Taurus and Gemini. It's brilliant. Evil Genius! Clever Devil.

Here's yet another esoteric aspect of the chain that must be very important to the Illumined. Aaron pointed out to me what the late David Flynn wrote on the philosophical and magickal practice of the Neoplatonists called Theurgy.

“Additionally the theurgist sought to ascend into the presence of the gods by using symbols, signs, words, sounds, godly materials called seirai (chords, chains, "processions") which united Orders of beings with Celestial bodies, "A Great Chain of Being." The practice of theurgy would only convey influence from the gods if the symbols and rituals used were taught by the gods. This is why Plato said 'great power of geometric equality exists amongst both gods and men.'” (The David Flynn Collection - Kindle Edition)

Another student of the arcane noted the following.

“By the Principle of Continuity we can see that there must be a connection between the "highest" and "lowest" realms, between the One and Matter, and connecting all things in between. These are the divine Seirai (Chords, Chains, "Processions"), which unite the Orders of Being. Thus we have connections with the Celestial Bodies and are influenced by Them, who in turn convey influences from the Gods; this is the basis of astrology. We are all connected in the 'Great Chain of Being.'” (source)

The chains worn by Ke$ha and the others may be identified as seirai, representing their link to the celestial bodies that convey influences from the gods. The chains signified that they are connected in the “Great Chain of Being.” With Ke$ha as Isis and as Osiris-Horus in their characterization, they are the gods linked to man through the celestial bodies. The chain thus witnesses to the principle of the Hermetic Maxim, As Above, So Below, in a very special way.

Twins play a huge role in this video, which I've pointed out already. Twins relate to programming where mirror alters and pairings of generational and Delta assassin teams are concerned. They are also the symbol of Gemini and related to the Silver Gate. There is more to be gleaned from further exploration of the symbols of the twins.

The theme of twins supports the identification of the characters as gods. Isis and Osiris were both twins, Isis to Nephthys and Osiris to Set. The identification of Ke$ha as Isis is strengthened by her associations with twins, with the Siamese (TWIN) cat and flanking pairs of identical lions and dogs. Likewise is the identification of as Osiris strengthened by his being framed by identical twins. Although the jackal-dog headed Anubis is not a twin, the Dog Star Sirius that suggests his role is actually a twin star, comprised of Sirius A and Sirius B, which the presentation of “twin” dogs with Ke$ha speaks to very succinctly.

The setting of Ke$ha with the two dogs suggests some very interesting things, with regard to both programming and esoteric themes!

From this screenshot you can see gold fringe and a circular ornamentation behind them. With the golden fabric, these symbols suggest the Golden Gate. Ke$ha's blue and white striped blouse suggests her divine (white) heavenly (blue) nature as a god. The purple coloring of the chains on the dogs (male prostitutes / dog~god) represents the binding of ritual sodomy, a Horus Eye supernatural gateway, which is supplemented by the innuendo of their being together on the seat. Her blouse smacks of traditional prison attire, suggesting she is with her (female dogs) bitches, a dom with her subs, a handler with slaves.

If that scene looks vaguely familiar, you may recognize this screenshot from Ghostbusters (1984).

In that classic film that has had such a huge influence on our culture over the years, the ancient god Gozer was summoned to destroy the world. Appearing in the form of a woman, she stands atop a tall building in NYC that had been designed and built for this purpose, as a gateway. She is flanked by two “dogs.” These were actually people that demon gods incarnated into as the energetic charge of the opened gateway changed their form, the very people who had served as The Gatekeeper and The Keymaster in advance of Gozer's arrival. Gozer's presence represented the opened gateway between the dimensions. Are these similarities with the Crazy Kids video coincidental? Is their cheap but richly symbolic set designed to honor the old movie? I think a far better explanation is that both scenes are performances of ancient ritual. Notice the pyramid, the steps, the door, the obelisk pillars, the crystal, the cloudy mist...

Here's some insight on the significance of Sirius A and B in Illuminati programming ritual, which notably involves a stargate.

Did the reader grasp that? The most important script for the programmers is to use ceremonial magic which uses the names of God to establish GENERAL, & SPECIFIC CONTROL (via a hierarchial arrangement of demons) over a person’s mind. More will be covered about this in Chapter 10. But while we are on the subject let’s go just a little bit farther. “If, then, I say, with Solomon: ‘The Spirit Cimieries teaches logic,’ what I mean is: Those portions of my brain which subserve the logical faculty may be stimulated and developed by following out the processes called ‘The Invocation of Cimieries.’ ”

“And this is exactly what the programmers do. They invoke via many rituals all types of specific demon (or demonic energy) to enhance the particular mental functions they want. For instance, Typhon and Choronzon (also Horonzon) are demons who are essential in building the structure of a programmed multiple. They must be invoked before the early start of dividing the mind. Michael Bertieaux heads up the Horonzon Club, an unofficial part of Kenneth Grant’s OTO. The demon Horonzon (or Choronzon) looks like a grey alien, and was conjured up by Sir John Dee, who was Queen Elizabeth I’s genius advisor and court sorcerer. Transyuggothian magic is carried out in order to reach Transyuggothian Space (also known as Trans-Plutonian Space and Universe B). These existence of these dimensions are kept very secret.”

“The ancient cult of the Star Sirius, from which supposedly we are now getting aliens, had rituals to get one into the celebrated Universe B. Sirius B (the binary twin star that exists with the actual Sirius A star) represented the god Ra Hoor Khuit. Sirius A represented the Egyptian devil.
” (The Most Important Programming Script -- The Lesser Key - The Illuminati Formula...)

Fritz and Cisco connect the demonic agencies enlisted for the work of programming with a dimensional Space considered by those who name it to be most evil. Suggesting the portal is linked to Sirius, the authors connect Sirius B with Ra Hoor Khuit, using a name that may be traced back to Aliester Crowley's “Book of the Law.” He was responsible for reorganizing the OTO around that work. It might be that the portal Fritz and Cisco link to Sirius is what's known in other contexts as the Silver Gate.

Sirius is said by adepts to be “behind the sun,” in the sense of identity, and there is reference in that to a supernaturalism and realm and entity. Researcher David Flynn observed how Sirius was historically connected to the sun by name. (the Dog-Star-Anubis cued god at the pinball machine.) He also noted the ancient linking of Sirius to the nearby Twins, Gemini, bringing up some history that I believe is important relative to the Silver Gate.

The zodiac explains the reason for the predominance of twins in myth; Sirius lies directly under the sign, Gemini, the Twins. The Egyptians consistently paired Isis with the jackal god Anubis. The jackal is a native dog of the Sahara and remains the symbol for the constellation incorporating Sirius, Canis Major. The Akkadian name for Sirius was Mul- lik-ud, which means: “the Dog Star of the Sun.” In Babylon, Sirius was known as Kakkab-lik-ku, which means: “Star of the Dog.” The Assyrians knew Sirius as Kal-bu-sa mas, “the Dog of the Sun.”” (The David Flynn Collection - Kindle Edition.)

The Egyptians paired Isis with Anubis, which is probably one reason why we see them appearing on the “celestial” couch together, when Ke$ha-Isis sits between the twin (Sirius A and Sirius B) Dog Star Anubis.

Flynn makes another observation that I see represented on the couch. He wrote, “Sirius and Virgo are the dual representation of the knowledge of Eve brought down from heaven by the serpent.” Ke$ha is not only Isis, she is also Virgo. In the song, Ke$ha sings, “They know my zodiac - I'm no virgin or no Virgo.” The lyrics tip us off to watch for the imagery of the Zodiac and they seem to suggest she will represent Virgo, despite what her own astrological sign might be. Here's where that factors in. Together, Sirius-Dog-Star and Virgo-Ke$ha represent the knowledge of Eve brought down from heaven by the serpent. If you don't understand what really happened between them in the garden, you're missing out on so much! Who is Cain's Father? Do you know?

This concludes the last post in this series, but, Lord willing, I intend to make further reference to this video as I explore more evidence of how the Adversary intends to exploit what the ancients knew as the Golden and Silver Gates.

I'll leave you with one final observation. I listened to's rap played backwards to hear what the reverse speech might sound like. Where he's saying “off like the shuttle, wait” I hear him explicitly name the sun god and make a fitting commentary. "EO - One Eye Sh*t." Yeah. It's weird, but still, that's what it sounds like to me.

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