Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Board Sports Branding Mind-Control

Those active in board sports are a style conscious culture. Here's some more Occult imagery associated with board sports.

Powell Skateboards puts their triple P logo on their products, which includes skateboards and wax. “Wax” is Code 33 (4+26+3), and PPP is 11+11+11=33, both RAS. The PPP also flips to 666.

The three nested letters resemble a single 6, so when their ads display three of their boards together, like in these examples, the logos present 666. The Powell Peralta wheels feature the winged sun disk, Horus Behdety, and these donut wheels represent the sun-anus sodomite portal.

The classic Powell Peralta Tony Hawk image is very much like the skull and crossbone Jolly Roger that is a symbol of the antichrist beast. The hawk, falcon, eagle, phoenix... are all about Horus. Note the 3rd eye sun ray burst. The form of the sodomite red cross is similar to an Iron Cross. This version is easily seen as a disassembled pyramid. Scoot the sides together until they align on a square base, then lift the centers up. Each corner implies the form of a 3, making a 33 twice. A pair of mirrored 3s are concealed in the sides of the bottom line. Code 33.

Skate wheels need lubrication, and that's what Bones Speed Cream is for. The white cross inside the red circle is a squared circle sodomite sex magick sun cross symbol. Because a bone is a phallus, in slang, and also is slang for the sex act, “Bones” inside the symbol anus makes that meaning pretty obvious. The lower-case letter “n” at the center is a royal arch portal form, which increases the power of that symbol even further. Bones + cross ~ cross bones, the sun god resurrection emblem. Marrow is made in the large bones, which produces red blood cells. Centered in the cross inside bONEs is ONE (34/47), identifying Horus, which presents a counterfeit savior on the cross. Inside “bONes” is “On”, the city of the sun. Speed Cream: Three letters “e” flip to 666. The product name suggests this ball bearing lubricant has something to do with Mercury aka Hermes, the sodomizer. The label on the bottle presents a Horus Eye or 3rd eye vortex. The ball bearings with tails are a pair of dotted letters “i.” The swirly 3 inside is a mirrored E for eye, the 3rd “i” or eye.

Sector Nine. Yikes! IX = 9+24=33.

Head NV is a popular brand for snow skis, snowboards, racquets for tennis, raquetball and badminton, and diving equipment. Their logo is a head - with one eye.

If you can't quite identify what that image means anatomically, read some of their marketing copy and think; sexual innuendo. “The Instinct DCT i. Kers is hot out of the heads of our engineers and pro team; a gold star addition to Head’s stable of sticks, incorporating the freshest tech.” (HEAD - INSTINCT DCT I. KERS). The logo version on the right of these 3 calls out the HE for Horus Eye, and spells out the word for sun to reference the sun god Helios aka Horus. In this image there is also a royal arch squared circle portal and the suggestion of the dot-in-circle male-in-female symbol and solar disk.

I think Head should team up with Arbys in a joint promotion. Would anyone notice their common brand imagery? If you wonder what cowboy hats have to do with skis, you're not catching on to their “racquet.” Observe how Arbys has their phallus inside ar*s. “Ars” is Latin for “art,” or course, but in Old Saxon it means, arse.

For more related to this culture see Avril Lavigne - Abby Dawn = Abbadon & The Rise of the Bride of Antichrist and search this blog for DC Shoes.

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  1. Mate I know alot about this stuff - and Powell Peralta, the Bones Brigade (Steve Caballero, Tony Hawk etc) are not evil. Caballero is a born again christian! Same with Christian Hosoi.
    Stacy Peralta is a good guy, all memebers of the Bones Brigade promote something positive.
    Unless you know alot about the history of skateboarding (and the history of the artwork) plus knowledge on the occult - then please do your research properly.
    Sometimes it is no so obvious! For example: The Pope is a satanist. George Clooney is satanist, David Icke is part of it.. etc..