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Decoding Occult Messages: Phone Keypad Code

Codes of various kinds are being used in Occult signaling and mind-control programming. I've been giving plenty of attention to those using a simple letter-to-number substitution based on English gematria. I've also given some attention to number signaling through representative forms or repeating elements of various kinds. Those I'm aware of mostly signal 33 or 666, or 47. The familiar telephone keypad is one more basis for Occult substitution cipher, and I've only just begun to point these out.

The keypad can be used to convert number strings into to letters, like illustrated in this recent post: ObamaCare 1-800 F(acebook) YOU(tube) message from healthcare.gov. The keypad also works the other way.

D, E or F = 3
Code 33 may be signaled by pairings of D, E or F, which correspond to a 3 on the keypad. The double E transforms to 33 both by rotation and by phone keypad substitution, which adds yet another valuable layer to this Occult symbol. E is the 5th letter, “Horus,” and EE is 55, signaling Horus even more emphatically by referencing the Pythagorean theorem and esoteric 47th Problem of Euclid.

M, N or O = 6
The ubiquitous 666 may be signaled by triples of M, N or O, which each correspond to 6 on the keypad. MMM (or 3M or M3) transforms to 666. Even the word “Mom,” used in a symbolic context, may actually be signaling 666. Got milk? Moo.

Here's some examples where 666 is encoded as OOO.

OpenOffice.org is a popular opensource alternative to Microsoft's Office suite of productivity apps. Their triple O branded logo is pretty simple. Nice birds, right? Each bird is a 3, signaling 33. Each O transforms to 6 on the phone keypad, complementing the Code 33 with a 666.

Decoding their Conference imagery, the shield sends the message that something is being shielded or Occulted, hidden.The sun god whose face appears has something to do with it. There's the Code 33 signaling black birds, perhaps ravens or crows or such that are symbolic of demons, and Apollo, Amaru or Horus. They signal. The count of attendees is 7 as the sum of sets 3 + 4. The union of 3-Osiris and 4-Osiris produces Horus, of course. The oval conference table that is formed by the 33-birds, the 3+4=7 and sun presents a very unambiguous Horus Eye. Placing the word “Office” in the center of this sun-anus sodomite gateway symbol suggests the similar, orifice. Open Orifice i.e. the Horus Eye. The shield is an inverted Masonic Royal Arch form that supplements that symbol. I believe this branding is actually leveraging two code systems to give their subtle triple O 666 a boost through redundancy. With the O as a keypad 6, the C is the multiplier with an English gematria value 3. I suspect the mixed system encoding is pretty rare, but it definitely works in this branding. The OC speaks to me also as Oh, See!

The leveraging of the triple O in their legacy branding is subtle, but that goes away in what is now Apache Open Office, which descends from OpenOffice.org and IBM Lotus Symphony. Did they discard the triple O and lose their 666 symbolism? No, they actually strengthened it! The 33-birds appear inside a circle that doubles as a sun (like gulls at the beach) and as a third O. Clever design. At present, the TM (which may at some point become a registered trademark symbol) is another 33 in English gematria (20+13) that balances the 33 of the birds in the sun.

Here's a triple O brand augmenting their keypad coded 666 with a trio of hand signs. The heart is a butt and sodomite gateway symbol. The hands in the center present another butt, like the heart - bottoms up! The hand sign on the right has two fingers joined, presenting a Horus hand by the union of 3-Osiris and 4-Osiris. Openheid ~ Open Eyed ~ Horus Eye Open!

The “Only Olive Oil” logo features the triple O as 666. Each olive is an eye, looking up. Three eyes ~ third eye. On a more subtle level, the eyes are as dotted letters “i,” with the symbol value of 666 adding redundancy as each “i” is a 9 that flips to 6. The Horus Eye is signaled on another esoteric layer as the olive is a coded reference to the character of excrement as described by the mark-savoring Marquis de Sade. Olive oil is used by sodomites as a lubricant.

“Out of the Ordinary” complements their OOO-as-666 logo with an Ouroboros-like ring. O is for Ouroboros. The article “the” provides the gematria value of 33, as 20+8+5, a Code 33 signal supplemented by the little word “of” (RAS: 12+21). Given the graphic debris left behind on the right side, the messy O has to be seen as the anal Orifice, another OpenOrifice and sodomite gateway. So, the symbolism here really isn't anything particularly out of the ordinary, is it?

Another triple O brand featuring the Ouroboros is popular here in Pittsburgh, the Whole Foods Market. OOO~666. W(hole)F(oods) provides redundancy as the W is a rotated 3 and F has the gematria value of 6. Three sixes. I've decoded this brand before (Search this blog for it), describing their stylized veggie Ouroboros O as a plumed serpent. Their store brand, the 365 brand, is magickal, picturing the 4 seasons and magickal elements.

Let's give the word play of “MARKET” some consideration, an exercise that takes place on a subliminal level with no effort, especially when a symbol is demonically charged like this one. MARK* of the beast. There's more support for the 666 signal layering! MARK*ET as mark of the ET extraterrestrial? *ARK* of (false) salvation - the antichrist. *AR* ~ Ra!

The Optics Outreach Olympics is a triple O 666 signaling brand that layers this on their 2011 Olympic Rings design. Search this blog for what that means. It's related in meaning and honors the same god. Five rings ~ Horus.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have branded their Youth Football with special triple O 666 symbolism. The Steelers logo is a variant of the alchemical triangle-in-circle. It's a “three things and then a fourth” symbol, which is a key message I haven't mentioned in a long time, a deeply hidden time symbol. It's also a 3.4.5 symbol of the production of Horus. Three stars and four objects are inside the circle, which is the fifth element that represents their sum. As a sodomite gateway symbol, that Horus Eye is matched to the football-as-dung being launched from the big truncated pyramid and Apollo-Amaru-Anus. (Part 111 - The Sodomite Gateway - A Sporting Tradition) The football isolates and calls out the little word “ALL,” which is code for Pan. The football also subtly gathers the H as Horus and forms HALL, which is 8+1+12+12=33. Yellow-orange coloring signals star/angel/sun god sodomy. Pittsburgh football has a bit of history with sodomites and youth.

Within the system of Thelema, the Night of Pan, or N.O.X., is a mystical state that represents the stage of ego death in the process of spiritual attainment.
The playful and lecherous Pan is the Greek god of nature, lust, and the masculine generative power. The Greek word Pan also translates as All, and so he is “a symbol of the Universal, a personification of Nature; both Pangenetor, "all-begetter," and Panphage, "all-devourer" (Sabazius, 1995). Therefore, Pan is both the giver and the taker of life, and his Night is that time of symbolic death where the adept experiences unification with the All through the ecstatic destruction of the ego-self. In a more general sense, it is the state where one transcends all limitations and experiences oneness with the universe.”
” (Wikipedia)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Pan's (Penn) Woods (sylvania)

Last but not least, here's the OOO My Design brand, flying high their triple O 666 banner. Each O represents a monkey face of the moral monkey trio, “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.” Who are these monkeys, really, but those who don't perceive the evil before them, who are enchanted by the spells that cover such as this magickal symbol? The first monkey has two eyes. The registered trademark symbol adds the third eye, the Horus Eye.

Are they still making a monkey out of you?

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