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Part 35 - Code 33 - Sex - Wax - Zog - Swix

Code 33 is embedded in the vocabulary we use. Here's a popular example. SEX is 8+22+3 = 33 (RAS). Also, GAY is 7+1+25 = 33. So, the expression “gay sex” is a double 33! Coincidence? Not likely.

We know that we are of God, and that the whole world lies in the power of the evil one. ~ 1 John 5:19 (NASB)

There are influences from those who know how to leverage control in this age. Sir Francis Bacon (even as Shakespeare) worked with his esoteric writers guild to elevate the English vocabulary to the perceived level of the French language. See Chris Pinto's “Secret Mysteries of America's Beginnings” series of documentaries. Language was that esoteric master's craft, and that work was very influential.

Each embedding of “sex” is a Code 33, so that magick works on more than one level. Surely you've seen examples of how the word “sex” and sexual imagery are cleverly embedded in Disney movies. Even when the word “sex” isn't written out or plainly heard, there are other means of making allusion to it, which works on levels including the Code 33.

Marvel Comics (Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men...) has a title featuring Xavier's Security Enforcers, XSE. XSE is 3+8+22=33 (RAS) and an anagram of SEX. They have been owned by The Walt Disney Company since 2009.

The car maker Nissan flirted with their car badging, giving their popular Sentra the trim level EX. S(entra) EX ~ SEX. They also had the XE, and EX and the SX, shuffling and re-dealing the S E and X but never quite putting it together blatantly enough for folks to sense where they were going with this. Sex sells, but what it really sells is idolatry. Beyond the SEX allusions, Nissan has leveraged Code 33 with every XE and EX trim level vehicle they badged, with X=3 (RAS) and E rotating to a 3. Sentra ~ “Sent Ra.” Ra, the sun god whose symbol is exalted by the brand.

NISSAN spelled backwards has a message that is consistent with their rising sun logo. That symbol is a squared circle honoring the sodomite sun god. With a recognition of that identity, see NISSAN reversing as NASSIN = N+ASS +IN. With N as the Nachash, this speaks loudly to me as a cryptic reference to the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve were engaged in ways the Serpent has been bragging about ever since.

If seeing the red sun logo in this light seems familiar, you may be reminded of the branding of Bissell and Bass Brewery featured in Part 30.

The Nissan company is Japanese, from the land of the rising sun, obviously, but their honoring of the sun god is most powerfully done in Occult fashion, concealing the idolatry and magical symbols. The Nissan Sunny isn't hiding much if anything, but consider this sampling of their other models.

X-TERRA. X is the mark of the sun god. There's his name, RA! And again, ER=Re! “X” is used to mean “transform” and the terraforming of this earth is one of the sun god's big ops these days. The X-T is 3T or triple Tau, a familiar coded reference to Royal Arch Freemasonry. XT is also 44 or Isis in gematria, and in RAS, 10, IO or Helios and equivalent to the Roman Numeral X. X-TRAIL. Again, the X mark, with Ra in tRAil, plus the X-T. Altima XE has Code 33 in the XE and in the ALT, as 1+12+20 = 33. ALT+IMA. IMA = 9+13+1 = 23, the SEX chromosome number. My, what a coincidence! Well, no, not really.

When the Karate Kid (1984) began to be trained by his mentor, Mr Miyagi, young Daniel (Ralph Macchio) had to make a sacred pact. There is sex symbolism and Code 33 in this scene from the movie. Here's a video of the very suggestive scene. Karate Kid Lesson 1 (Wax on Wax off).

The top comment reads: “To the best of my memory, when I waxed off, I never used my left hand.” Some have caught on to how “wax off” sounds just like slang for masturbation. Did not notice how the camera was placed while Daniel was, uh, waxing off? Subtle, right? Well, at least it seems that way right up until we catch on to their game.

While watching the video clip, did you notice how the important deal was offered with a sun-anus symbol right between them, the car's wheel and tire, while they were squatting? Did you recognize the sun-anus symbol that the master put on his new slave in this initiation rite? The Rising Sun appeared on his forehead to illustrate Horus Eye illumination, telling those who can interpret it about ritual sodomy as the key to that sacred pact. Look closely at the clever design of the headband and you'll notice a mirrored 3 on the left side, the bum of the sodomizer, whose phallus is piercing the sun-anus Horus Eye. That's really the power source behind martial arts. You may also perceive how the design conceals a butterfly, a Monarch programming symbol. For Monarch slaves, this martial arts training is DELTA assassin training for Delta alters.

The Code 33 in the scene extends beyond the allusion to SEX. It's also in the WAX! (RAS) 4+26+3 = 33

The leveraging of wax as an Occult symbol is often low key, like in this 3M product, which adds to the richly layered Illuminati 3M coding. (search this blog for 3M) “Cleaner Wax” ~ CW=33. “ONE” = 34 and 47 (RAS), and in there is On, Heliopolis. See how the ER is over the X? Re is the sun god whose mark is X.

Sometimes, though, the leveraging of the wax-as-33 symbol is not at all subtle. Mr Zog's Sex Wax isn't competing with K-Y Jelly as a product, it's actually for surf boards. ZOG, SEX and WAX are each a 33, and all three by RAS! Another layer of Code 33 is added by sticking the words sex and wax together, which pairs the XW. X=3(RAS) and W=3 by rotation.

Is it just me, or does it look like Mr Zog is a fan of Nissan and the rising sun?

Mr Zog's Sex Wax was strictly for surf boards but the company eventually expanded into the snowboard business, where wax is used to reduce friction between the snowboard and snow. A competitor in that market is SWIX. SWIX is 33 (8+4+18+3), by RAS. They apparently stole a page from Mr Zog's notebook.

I describe some of the codes used on SWIX product labels in this collection of images. The spelling of “Crystal” with a K is a popular device. It creates a K C, an 11*3 or 33 symbol. The label of the indoor wax is using the sun-anus burst portal to signal us how they are, like Led Zeppelin, fans of going in through the out door. The BP88 product gives the 88 as the atomic number of Radium to signal the sun god Ra. The BP has the values of 18 and 36 in gematria, familiar numbers relating to the mark of the beast and the magick square of the sun.

BP. Like British Petroleum.

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  1. Also ZOG is Gnomes of Zurich (G.O.Z.) in reverse, otherwise known here as Swix, while the letters 'b' and 'p' in British Petroleum appear to signal the ever-popular "as above so below" symbolism (as do the numbers 88 and 18, depending on the font used for both #s). Thanks Bob.