Friday, July 10, 2020

Bissell air - Smells like?

This pair of ads was served up to me today in my Yahoo mail interface.

Do you see what I see? Donkey Love?

The following image of the ad pair has an instance in the logo called to attention by fading out the "nonessentials." I've done a similar calling out with 3 instances in the upper ad and 2 in the lower ad. We've been calling this kind of subliminal, "cross-line NLP clusters." The instance embedded in the line, "smoke, allergens" is a symmetrical pattern that definitely counts. Together with the two logos, I count 7 instances. Should we count the heart-as-butt image, which they even gave some flair by adding a hole? Sure! That's 8!

But wait, there's more! In the following, I've encircled 2 more instances. 8+2=10

And, here's 3 more. 10+3=13

And, 5 more. 13+5=18

Eighteen instances! Coincidence? I think not. Plus, there's that sneaky anagram, "this" (this allergy season) Great Scott!

With all this going on, the dog just casually sits there on its butt, probably waiting to go sniff some Bissell air.

Mating all this with Amazon's iconic bent phallus you have to know the sodomites are having a chuckle over this promo.

Who would have thought they could get away with this kind of thing? Hmmmmm. Right.

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  1. Your an expert!!Wow! I couldnt pick out half that!