Friday, April 16, 2021

Important Subscriber Info, Updates and News

We're switching TheOpenScroll email subscription service to "" (Because Google is dropping the Feedburner service)
Expect to receive an email from them to confirm that you want to be subscribed.
* Make sure to check your spam and trash folders because that's where you'll probably find it, and if you don't respond you will not be subscribed.

Important Subscriber Info, Updates and News

Other subjects:
New interactive study John 2:1-11
War on the horizon
Ebola threat rising
Potential for vaccination under the guise of being tested
DARPA microchip to be inserted under the skin
Nasal spray kills off virus
Browser (false sense of) security - Am I FLoCed?
R-2 "robot" (not R2-D2, Luke) delivering pizza in Houston now

Curious about The Pending Reset of Time?

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