Sunday, April 11, 2021

WHAT?!?! 22 Mummies - 22-ships convoy - 12 and 22 in Covid news - and with "Time is Running Out" in ad

Our latest video has been published, featuring:
Updates to The Open Scroll
22 Mummies paraded through Cairo
Tankers "in 22-ships convoy" aground in Suez Canal
Modlily ad: "Time is Running Out!" featuring 12 and 22 with Code 666
"Confirmation of reset positive with 12 and 22" (news of Hanna Greene)
300 year old prophecy by influential Rabbi points to sign of (false) Messiah's arrival
Aaron reads Psalm 61

WHAT?!?! 22 Mummies - 22-ships convoy - 12 and 22 in Covid news AND in "Time is Running Out" ad

Curious about The Pending Reset of Time?

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  1. Hi, I am a new reader of your blog. Your take on the Bible and the world we live in is quite unique...interesting. But really...? Why is it that only a small number of folks would be awake enough to grasp any of this information? As for the time reset...going back to 2012 and nobody will really notice anything happening, if that's even possible. I found your site while looking for information on being a T.I. which woke me up in a very real way in 2012. So, I understand that things are not always what they seem and that there are lots of folks who are completely deceived...some of the stuff you guys share is hard to grasp. Why do you never name the name Jesus? To me that is a red flag for not believing what you share. Idk, not really knocking your work, just trying to make some sense out of what has happened to me...I see the same stuff happening to others but trying to tell them what's going on is not fruitful in a good way...the one thing good out of all of it is I know the Lord more personally.

    1. Welcome. Regarding the numbers, have you read the Bible? It's almost always the few, even the very few, whom the Lord chooses to work with. The false prophets have mass popularity. The genuine, far from that. Eventually, in the end, the numbers will be there, but not until the work appointed for the few is fulfilled.

      For you to say that we never name the name of Jesus reveals that you have a very limited exposure to our work.

      What you have been through and survived is rather exceptional. I pray for you, that you are sheltered in Him, in Jesus, Y'shua, whose name is above every name, and drawn very near!

  2. Hi Bob, I also just discovered your blog doing research. For some reason I have been attracted to the information you present on your blog for decades and today before I found your site, I asked myself, I don't know why I've been so attracted to this type of stuff for so long? On another note, I read mlynns comment and I'm wondering what a T.I. is? Thank you for the work you do, it's very, very, special. I'll be here a lot I can tell you that!

    1. Hello and welcome. T.I. means "targeted individual."