Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Mentalist - Part 6 of, "What's the Piano Got to do With Death and Birth?"

In this video: We decode several exceptional clips from, The Mentalist, an American drama series that ran for 7 seasons. These scenes feature the same kind of piano-death rituals found in so many other shows that we've decoded in this series, plus Janus ritual and plenty of time-binding magic!

To Watch: The Mentalist - Part 6 of, "What's the Piano Got to do With Death and Birth?"

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Resources referenced in the video:

Collateral study: Janus Ritual - Real, Effectual - and Common!

Here's two articles (wikiwand and romanpagan.wordpress websites) that will help you learn about Janus and Janus worship, so you can be better able to recognize when Janus rituals are being performed in media productions.

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