Thursday, January 06, 2011

Part 10 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! CEU

This tenth post in the series spotlighting Eye of Horus imagery begins with an exhibit of the C-ing eye logo from the Central European University, a school that features lectures by such as George Soros and Javier Solana.

The eye as a graphic "C" containing a pupil element should be a familiar form by now. Such Eye of Horus symbols leverage the "C" as the homomym "see" with reference to the illumination of the third eye. The letter "E" is as part of the circle that would enclose the outer "C." The "E" is for "eye." The E is also a trident signaling letter, and a backwards numeral 3, which strengthenes the number 3 implicit in the letter "C" as the third letter of the alphabet. This C-ng eye is the third eye, the eye of illumination and the Eye of Horus. The imagery of CEU with the "U" outside, appearing all by its lonesome self, creates the dynamic of wanting to draw U or YOU into the C-ing eye, to join with the other elements in the collection, prompting you to be illumined. The "C" in the center of the eye stands for "Central," which alludes to the pineal gland that is commonly the focal point of meditation intended to produce third eye activation.

In the negative space, a red spoked sun wheel is evident as a common symbol of the sun god.

The deltas forming the eye are such that there would be 12 in a completed circle, which alludes to the hour markings on a common analog clock face. The trident letter "E" adds three points to the nine to fill up the sum of twelve, representing the 2, 3, and 4 O'Clock hours. The clock represents the rule of man apart from God's appointed system that keeps His celestial timepiece in mind. Clocks also allude to the key time element when the 70 generation long sentence of imprisonment for certain fallen entities will pass. Demonic entities in this family inspire such logos as this.

There are nine deltas, nine being the single digit number of the mark of the Beast DNA transformation that promises to bring illumination. The delta on top points down and the one on the bottom points up, signaling the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men. All the deltas function as pointers to the "C" in the center, presenting another subliminal and supernatural inducement for illumination with the c-ing eye!

George Soros, Javier Solana and friends must be thrilled to speak in association with CEU!

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