Saturday, January 29, 2011

Part 14 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! io9 - We come from the future

The Eye of Horus signaled by the letter "i" is powerful because it has the homonym value of "i" and eye, it's the 9th letter of the alphabet (9 signals the triple-helix genetic transformation of the mark of the beast), it mimics the form of the pyramid with a detached capstone, and it appeals to the carnal nature as a reference to self.

The io9 branding has lots of this Eye of Horus imagery at work. The creepy head is signaling Horus "who rules with two eyes," because the left eye is obscured. The i has the dot offset, which provides visual balance with the 9 because the dot matches to the leg of the 9. The i is the 9th letter, and they are calling out the equivalence with symmetrical matching. The symmetry is rotational, as around the "o" that is itself an eye.

The creepy looking head has a bindi dot that signals the activated third eye, the eye of Horus, a reference to the pineal gland. With half her hair shaved, the patch on the scalp suggests that the activation has come through cybernetic modification, an implant. The antenna or electrical nodes suggest mind control.

The slogan "We come from the future" references travel through the time portal via that activated pineal gland. This also references gnosis by suggesting that this eZine's content comes from the future. The translucent style of the graphic features the lighting, alluding to the illumination that accompanies the activation of the Eye of Horus.

I don't buy the "we come from the future" bit, but I would say their logo designer had help from those who come from another dimension. The io9 Team does present some very interesting and forward looking reports on the site.

One example is - Scientists make next-generation computers with gold and DNA (1/28 - io9)

Another example is -
What happens when advertisers try to control your mind (1/27 - io9)


We don't need to control your mind to control you

In a way, the new Facebook "sponsored story" ads are aimed at turning your Facebook updates into viral advertisements against your will. We asked viral media expert Douglas Rushkoff what he thought of the new Facebook model, and he told us by e-mail:

The thing that's spooky here is not just that advertisers can get leverage by using the comments of "real people." It's that our behavior as consumers is itself being retrained. We are to feel like we are living in the ads. Whether or not any of our comments is actually chosen, it could be. It's like a panopticon, where the surveillance is all that is required to change our behavior. Those of us who remain on Facebook are now ever closer to identifying completely as consumers, trying to please the corporations.

The truly scary part is that you can't opt out of Facebook's sponsored story model. So you're about to start advertising products to your friends, whether you like it or not.

The io9 staff do seem to be pretty aware, making some good observations, and not all their reporters and editors appear to have taken the third eye activation route. I found the following video embedded there, which is worth watching. [video] Facebook Sponsored Stories

If you understand about the influence of symbolic logos and what it means to weave them into people's lives in such a way you may see this development as yet one more effort to herd the sheeple of the world toward the mark of the Beast. When it's offered, no hesitation or even thought will be given to the choice by most. That's the plan. If you're on FaceBook, it may be that the time to bail has arrived.

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