Monday, January 03, 2011

Part 8 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Giant BioPharma: Celgene/Abraxas

Continuing the survey of "Eye of Horus" imagery, more examples promoting the mark of the Beast agenda are presented featuring the themes of illumination and DNA transformation.

Celgene is a global biopharmaceutical company with a logo that employs a DNA-ish twisting blue graphic letter "C." The "C" superficially appears to represent the first letter of Celgene. The company name appears partly within the letter. The company name is a composite of "cell" and "gene," which makes sense for a biopharmaceutical company. The graphic "C" combines those two elements very suitably and the way it's joined with the company name is quite brilliant! The "Cel" is within the circle as a cell. The "gene" is outside the circle, like the twisting DNA strands representing genes are outside the circle on the other side, providing visual balance.

The logo is really beyond humanly brilliant because it's also a c-ing Eye of Horus symbol promoting illumination through genetic transformation!

This explains the brand imagery on the secondary pages, where the pictures on the right appear washed out. The illumination of the Celgene Eye of Horus is so intense that the whole banner area is white until you get far enough away from the lamp-eye!

The mission statement on their "About Us" page declares: "At Celgene, we seek to deliver truly innovative and life-changing drugs for our patients." If we read between the lines, in the context of their brand signaling the Eye of Horus DNA transformation it must be understood that what is meant by "life-changing drugs" is what will transform this kind of life to another kind altogether!

This life-change pictured is the triple-helix kind, presented in how the twisting shows three main parts. While you can only see two distinct strands being twisted, if you visually follow the sight lines around the structure you will note that the flow of the edges requires that there are more than two, seeming to imply a hidden third strand. The upper and lower sections are drawn to form opposing deltas, pointing up and down to signal the union of the sons of god with the daughters of men.

I wrote the following in part 4 of this series, which explains another level of the Celgene logo dynamic. "A notable difference between an eye formed with an enclosed circle and one formed with the letter "c" relates to the procreative modeling. The female womb is pictured as open with the "C." Such is often leveraging sexual intercourse and/or birth. The "C" sometimes also pictures the egg penetrated by sperm at conception."

A recent merger presents an interesting validating testimony of the spiritual dynamic. Quoting from "Abraxis deal done, Celgene eyes cancer franchise (October 25, 2010)": Now that Celgene has wrapped up its $3 billion-plus buyout of Abraxis BioScience ... observers think the combo will eventually transform the company into a "biopharmaceutical giant."

A "biopharmaceutical giant." Hmmmmm. Like, a Nephilim giant, perhaps. Abraxis is nearly Abraxas. "Abraxas, also known as Abrasax, is a Gnostic solar deity..." (The Letter A - Occult Dictionary "Links 2 the Occult") A Gnostic solar deity? That's a MATCH to Celgene's Horus branding!! (See also Abraxas -, especially the quotes from Carl Jung.)

Another c-ing eye, the copyright symbol, is as ubiquitous and subtle as the registered trademark. © (alt-o169). The "C" in the circle compares to the Crucial c-ing eye icon. The "C" symbol has the added emphasis of the number three, with "C" being the third letter of the Alphabet. The "R" of the registered trademark has the added emphasis of the number 18 ("R" is the 18th letter), which reduces to 9 (the single digit number of the triple helix DNA transformation) as 1+8=9 and is also the sum of 6+6+6.

In closing this post (but certainly not yet the series, Lord willing), here's the sign for a business I saw in Half Moon Bay on my New Years Day jaunt along the coast. It's the Rx "prescription" symbol (that is already the ancient Eye of Horus) actually pictured as an eye. It's a fitting blend of the pharma biz and registered trademark Horus symbols.

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