Saturday, February 26, 2011

Grinding at The Mill - A Personal Testimony

Blessings, grace and peace in Y'shua the Lord! This post is an announcement of the posting of a new page to titled Grinding at The Mill - A Miller's Testimony. It's a bit of personal testimony that some of you will find very personally relevant.

It is the telling of a story that may be seen as a parable. It's my testimony of what happened 40 years ago in the burned-over district of Upstate NY, a strange and dramatic incident that I have only very recently begun to understand.


  1. Bob,

    How timely can this be? Last night at our weekly prayer meeting I asked God for forgiveness for wasting 15 years of my life and told him I would strive to never make those mistakes again. Well, many people spoke up and said, "Carl, it was not a waste but a lesson learned". What you learned made you appreciate God more and are now learning lessons from that experience. And one lady Rosemarie pointed me to Joel, 2:23-27.

    After reading your post and the scripture from Hebrews, I now realize I was being disciplined for may sinful actions. I have repented for those sins but as we all know the consequences linger. I have struggled to not look back at the things or time lost but I pray God's will will be done in my life. Thankfully, my life is back on track and the future looks bright as I am now a new Brother in Christ, body, mind and soul. Thanks again.


  2. Carl,

    Thanks for sharing that wonderful news! I am rejoicing with you!