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Part 15 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! Fallen Star Satellites

Continuing the survey of "Eye of Horus" imagery, some versions call out the letter "i" as a signal device by means of an arc or orbital trace, usually elliptical. The orbiting dynamic links to celestial objects, celestial beings and angels through the star metaphor.

The ClearChoice logo is signaling the "i" of Horus with a star dotting the i. The trailing arc presents the familiar shooting star, or falling star symbol of a fallen angel. The illumination inherent in the Eye of Horus is presented graphically by way of a real heavenly star being a source of literal light, and additionally through the meaning of "clear choice" as a reference to the ability to visually or critically discern.

Recall how the Registered Trademark symbol is another Eye of Horus. If we consider this mark as the left eye and compare it to the big star right eye, this is a Horus "who rules with two eyes" signal.

It should be noted that the "clear choice" in the context of this occult imagery doesn't really involve dental implants but something more "optical" in nature. It has to do with making a choice about another kind of implant with a promise of clarity of perception through illumination!

The Emagine Theaters logo presents the "i" of Horus as a magic wand, their slogan being, "The magic of movies and more." The starry trail forms the popular arc used to feature the i as a signal. Magic wands are commonly pictured with one or more stars on their tip and as leaving trails of stars when their magic is produced. (image search: magic wand) The star imagery is found to be fitting when you understand star images as fallen angels and identify the magick as a manifestation of their demonic power. The stars of the magic wand also link to astrology because magicians (sects of Magi) have ever had an involvement with the starry heavens and esotericism.

The Emagine logo also has a pair of stylized version of the "E" that call the figure out as a trident, signaling the triple helix DNA transformation aspect.

The CBS SportsLine brand adds to the famous CBS all-seeing eye with another on the right. The dot that isn't seen over the i is found at the end of a connecting arc. This calls it out as an "i" of Horus. You can consider this arc of the i as tracing the outline of an eye that balances the sunlight yellow version on the left. Considering both eyes, the left has no pupil so it's the hidden or dark eye that signals Horus "who rules with two eyes."

The Dish Network logo is a clever composite of Eye of Horus imagery and the graphic presentation of their business activity.

The Dish Network is a TV and Internet provider that serves their clients via satellite transmission and satellite dish receivers. The satellite is pictured as the dot of the i. The base of the i is formed by waves radiating down towards the earth. The satellite is pictured as orbiting by way of a connected orbital path trace.

The stylized i calls it out as an "i" of Horus. This is also a pyramid with detached capstone. The arc connected to the dot touches the lower-case "h" in such a way that an upper-case "H" is formed. This presents the "i" of "H"orus in a way very similar to how the Crucial logo presents the "c"-ing "i." The waves representing the satellite transmission signal are a graphic element I've noticed in other Eye of Horus symbols. Sometimes the radiance of light is pictured by rays extending outward like spokes on a wheel but sometimes the radiation is presented in the form of concentric waves. The Eye of Horus signal is amplified here by the graphic's lighting effect, which illustrates illumination by making the stark black and white wash out into subtle grays in the eye area.

I featured Crucial's branding in Part 7 of this series, but since publishing that post I've discovered the ad you see here - one that practically demands another visit. The focus in what I already covered was the promise of illumination and gnosis, but this ad promises life itself! "New life for old computers." I've been computing a long time, how about you? Their ad features a DNA structure formed by their memory chips. Hmmmm. DNA formed by their chips. You get that, right? The kind of formation or genetic transformation in view is signaled by the 3 twists of the ladder structure that each contains three chips. This ad is yet another testimony about 9, the three times three, the mark of the Beast transformation. This ad is another witness to the new life coming via chips and triple-helix DNA transformation! You can read the most recent and elaborate explanation I've offered on this subject in Part 11 - scroll down to the section titled "The Mark."

The Infineon logo calls out the "i" of Horus with the dot pictured as orbiting around the company name. There are two "i"s in the name, and the left one (on our right as we look it in the face) is much smaller than the other. This signals the now familiar Horus "who rules with two eyes."

The red ellipse forms the outside of an eye, a larger eye of Horus, and the opening suggests the form of a letter "c" that presents it as a c-ing eye. You may recall how such forms may also picture an open womb (as Isis birthing Horus) or an egg at conception. This version speaks to me of a heavenly blue male sperm penetrating an earthly red ovum, the sexual reproductive feature of the Eye of Horus. This signals the conception of Horus as the Beast and the genetic transformation inherent in the mark of the Beast.

How is the customary illumination being illustrated in the Infineon logo? I don't perceive it in the graphic beyond the use of a lighter blue than is often found, but I definitely perceive it in the company name as infiNEON! Neon is a gas commonly used to brightly light colorful signs. Infi(nite) NEON = eternal light! That's the promise of the activated Eye of Horus! I noted with interest that one of this company's product lines is "Lighting ICs & LED Drivers."

The Eye of Horus isn't everywhere present like the all-seeing eye it is professed by some to be. It's far from the true vision of the sovereign God. The more familiar I become with its forms, though, the more plain it is that it is embedded in my everyday life to an extent far beyond what I suspected when I began this series of exhibits. This arc form is no form of ark or means of genuine salvation. Following that ark is kind of like a dog chasing his tail, around and around. The promise of the Eye of Horus is false. The Antichrist Beast is no savior of man - indeed - quite the opposite!

More to come, Lord willing.

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