Sunday, February 20, 2011

Some items of note

Of all the news, what is being accomplished in the wake of Egypt's coup seems of the greatest import. The rise of apparent anarchy seems to have been in the plans for those who pull strings behind the scenes.

Here's some miscellaneous items of interest.

I Am a Cyborg and I Want My Google Implant Already (9/30/2010 - The Atlantic)

Brain Coprocessors - The need for operating systems to help brains and machines work together. (9/23/2010 Technology Review - MIT)

Don’t Be Evil? 10 Ways In Which Google Runs The World (2/18/2011 - Alex Jones' site)

Romania may get even tougher on witches (2/8/11 -

Does Gates funding of media taint objectivity? (2/19/11 - The Seattle Times)

Russia poised to breach mysterious Antarctic lake (2/4/11 - Reuters)


  1. Hi Bob,

    I'm just interested in your thoughts on something. A few years ago I visited the cathedral at Christchurch (the one that has largely been destroyed by their recent quake, tragically killing 22 people when it collapsed, according to latest reports). There were a couple of curious things I noticed there - on one wall were some swastika tiles and on the other side of the cathedral there was a 7-branced menorah. There was a sign (understandably!) before the tiles explaining that the tiles were laid in the late 1800s, a long time before the Nazis adopted the swastika as their chief symbol. I asked a priest there about the menorah, and he was at pains to explain that it had no Jewish references whatsoever, but was simply a seven-headed candle holder. The place gave me a sad, heavy feeling - maybe it was just the blatant Replacement Theology offending me!

    Anyway, someone has posted links (on New Wineskins blog) where you can view what the tiles used to look like (pasted below). I thought the swastikas were the only unusual thing, but then remembered that you have discussed (at some stage) fleur-de-lis as being triple helix symbols and the tiles also feature fleur-de-lis. I have read (with no evidence given) that there was Freemason involvement in the construction of the cathedral. Do you know if these symbols have any connection to Freemasonry? Interested in your thoughts.

    Aussie Kiwi Lover

  2. Hi Adam,

    You probably already noticed a new post titled, "Signs of Judgment..." which addresses the quake as a further sign, of escalating judgment on us as members of the body of Christ, His "church."

    The explanation for the swastika and menorah and fleur-de-lis that is consistent with all the facts has to be that neither the institution of the cathedral nor the Freemasons have "ownership" of the symbols. They derive from and are wholly of the Devil's scheme to enslave man through the false gods of the sun and stars and the action of their triple helix false regeneration.

    The seven branched candlestick I strongly suspect represents the seven "sisters" lights of the Pleiades. The swastika has long been and continues to be a representation of the sun god, who goes by the alias Apollo or Horus in many forms of his worship. The fleurs-de-lis as the tripled strands bound into one is a graphic emblem that, given today's transgenic movement's momentum, seems plainly enough in that context.

    Thanks for the links and for your excellent comment, Adam.