Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Part 37 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! SandCastle Waterpark

Examples in the class of letter combinations presenting phallic Horus Eye imagery span the entire range from extremely subtle to "I can't believe they get away with that"! Where the branding I'll illustrate here falls within that range will depend somewhat upon your degree of perception, with an example of note involving the SandCastle Waterpark in Pittsburgh, PA.

The SandCastle imagery features a big bold sun Eye of Horus. At the bottom of the collage of related images you see the parent company signaling to us that they do indeed know their Horus imagery, featuring a shooting star in the magical spirit-into-matter alignment. (See this blog for a series of related stars on top posts from November, 2010).

SandCastle's featured sun god symbol is ringed about. The ring serves to call out the sun as an Eye of Horus. This red ring is a red dragon serpent, the Ouroboros that is a popular occult symbol picturing a serpent eating its tail. Supporting this symbolic identity, the context includes the distinctly serpentine stylized s and e bookending the title. The association between castles and dragons in literature and popular entertainment is very strong, and the medieval style of the flags does nothing to diminish it. The Ouroboros is a male-in-female reproductive symbol that signals the counterfeit eternal life of the serpent dragon, the devil.

The primary reproductive imagery in view, however, is the phallic dC letter combo! The package is pictured ejaculating an "i" of Horus disguised as a flagpole. The water featured in the scene represents semen. The red serpentine features make it clear whose reproductive package is creating the big splash! The featured dC is similar to the dc leveraged in the "dick clark productions" logo but the stylized SandCastle form of the upper-case C presents a distinct glans penis.

Here's a couple more observations. The testicular "eye balls" present an instance of Harmerty, with the left eye broken, darkened. When they position the big round Horus Eye sun portal over the letters "ast," allusion is subtly made to the orifice that is in popular slang a homonym. Right. Pretty sly.

Because this stylized red devil phallus is so realistic I have to rank this brand on the scale way over towards the "I can't believe they get away with that" end!


  1. Great stuff as usual. I get your stuff in the mail and so I rarely come here to comment - but as always man, you are on the ball.

    The star over the PALACE is also an inverted/Baphomet star.

  2. This probably the wrong place to post this comment - but it's been bugging ever since I first read your work back during the Singapore Olympics...

    There is a biography out about Led Zeppelin and it's called, When Giants Walked the Earth - and that itseld is a nephilim reference.

    Okay not much and the wrong place...I shall shrink away quietly...