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Part 12 - Rango - Mind-Control supports the Horus Scheme

As introduced in the last post, Rango, the Nickelodeon Films Paramount Pictures animated feature from 2011 is a mind-control programming tool. I've presented some of the features illustrating how Rango is a Monarch slave and expect to present a few more. But, before I do, let's reflect on the point of this exercise.

"Project MONARCH could be best described as a form of structured dissociation and occultic integration, in order to compartmentalize the mind into multiple personalities within a systematic framework. During this process, a Satanic ritual, usually including Cabalistic mysticism, is performed with the purpose of attaching a particular demon or group of demons to the corresponding alter(s). Of course, most skeptics would view this as simply a means to enhance trauma within the victim, negating any irrational belief that demonic possession actually occurs."

Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton

Of course, demonic possession does actually occur, and demonic influence is involved from beginning to end. It is the devil who initiates the mind-control programming work. He is the sponsor and patron, and he directs the work. The demonization of a Monarch slave is the means to an end.

That end is ultimately going to fulfill the Sovereign God's purposes because He is, after all, sovereign. The Devil is permitted, yes, and yet actually ordained to carry out these evil plans. Why? My God will have a worthy people, some of whom will yet emerge from this present age, tried and tested in the furnace of fire that is a fit crucible. An antichrist army is being prepared for certain engagements, pivotal conflicts that the sovereign God has revealed to Lucifer so that he understands what he needs to carry out the plan. The slaves and all those who join with them are already many in number and are presently carring out a wide variety of support missions.

Throughout history there have always been crucial pivitol engagements involving a small number of people. What a Bride remnant will do in the near future is a fulcrum of history because the Lord's Kingdom pivots upon it. There is a counter to that mission being prepared. The Devil is not stupid. His evil genius should be obvious from the complexity of the layered elements in Rango. He's also not blind to what things my Lord has not kept hidden from him. He knows strategy. He prepares his forces for the key engagements as he must, and my Lord prepares his.

By default, the world, this age is Satan's. If you don't know it yet, you haven't been paying attention. It's his for yet a brief season, and redemption and restitution is coming. The Lord has a plan, and it is working! If you see what is being presented about Rango and can accept it, with the Lord attesting by his spirit with the opening of your eyes and ears, you may rejoice with me in that we have been called to such a time as this!

What I'm exposing through this movie titled Rango is that two layers of a plan exist, woven together. They are, both of them, antichrist. The Horus/Apollo/Nimrod/lawless-one work is supported by the mind-controlled slave work. It has become apparent to me that there are some among us who need to understand these things, to see and hear with the Lord's own eyes and ears by the spirit of the Lord, freed from the blindness of unbelief and ignorance caused by the sin and curses of our former rebellion that bound us in darkness. I write this for many of you, who read this now. This is no mere intellectual or academic excercise. This is life! Press in to what the Lord has for you now. This is urgent and necessary. It's not for everyone. It's not popular fare. But, it may be for you.

Johnny Depp, who voiced the Rango character, starred in the recent Alice in Wonderland movie. This story and its dramatizations are common programming tools. (See the Three Dead Words blog for a series of posts on this recent movie as such a tool) I can only think those behind the programming are leveraging that influence to great effect in casting his voice for Rango. I'm not going to comment here on the Pirates of the Caribbean series beyond the mention of it here as another in kind.

Depp also starred in The Ninth Gate, an unpopular but yet very important film that was directed, produced, and co-written by Roman Polanski. The Ninth Gate appears to be intended, to a large degree, for those initiated into high levels of the Illuminati occult. Polanski was the director of Rosemary's Baby, an iconic film from 1968 about the birth of the Beast through Satanic ritual and ritual abuse. Depp's character in The Ninth Gate, Corso, is the chosen one who attains to open the ninth gate. Just like in Rosemary's Baby, this movie presented the bringing forth of the antichrist. Not unlike Rango.

Opening the ninth gate was presented as how the devil could be summoned. Giving this some thought, kowing what I know of what is shortly to come to pass, the devil himself will be summoned as a portal is opened that enables the dragon to manifest in the bringing forth of the beast. (2 Thessalonians 2) It was fairly subtle, how this was dramatized in the movie, but the only reasonable interpretation of the ending is that that Corso became the Beast when the ninth gate opened. He had been ridden by the same woman in the same setting as what was featured in a secret document obtained near the end of his quest, an old picture of the Revelation 17:3 scene. (So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.)

It should be apparent that the nine gates references what the holy grail references, the mystery of the 9, the DNA transformation that is first manifested in the Beast of Revelation 13:1. Nine is the single digit number signaling the "666" DNA transformation and mark of the beast.

What Johnny Depp brings to Rango is all the depth of his varied antichrist and Monarch/Mengele handler and slave roles.

The Ninth Gate was released in 1999, a special year for such content because of the number 9, which also saw the release of The Iron Giant. Rango's release date was March 4, 2011. 3/4/11 >> 3+4+1+1 = 9

Rango's release date also happens to be the only day of the year that may be heard as a command. March fourth, or forth. The command is given to MARCH FORTH! Rango was released to come forth on that day, introduced into theaters. This is a prophetic parable, a preview.

Rango, the character, has been shown in this blog series to model the lawless one, the Beast. The movie title graphic lends its own witness with the stylized letter R being an evident Eye of Horus. I believe the intent for this release date is two-fold. It previews the coming event when, in "the power of 9," Horus will be brought forth into his appointed global theater of operation. Rango - MARCH FORTH! He will, given authority by the dragon (Revelation 13:4) be enslaved to the will of his master, a liar from the beginning. I believe the command further applies to an army that will be called to MARCH FORTH into theaters of war, battle ready. This is the Monarch slave army, the SRA/DID multiples with assassin alters, demonized. They will come forth equipped with skills including psychic projection to bring influnce to bear upon the minds and actions of the softened and preconditioned masses with great delusion. They are and will be skilled astral travelers and remote viewers. They will see things and get around. They have jobs to do as individuals, and together. Coming soon, to a theater near you.

26) “Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known.
27) What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops.
28) Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
29) Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father.
30) But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
31) So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

If you are still skeptical about these things I write, you may take comfort in knowing you're in the company of multiplied millions. However, that comfort will be short-lived.

I'll close this post with some images of Johnny Depp and a few other celebrities signaling, including Rango and his gal Beans.

Rango is "doing the Harmerty" or signaling Hrous "who rules with two eyes." Monkey see, monkey do. Depp, who voices Rango, is doing the Harmerty and a 666 Horus Eye signal.

Beans is seen here signaling while saying "I've seen it with my own eyes!" She is pictured in the company of Lady Gaga, The Parlotones, Hayley (Paramore), Katy Perry, Ann Hathaway and Jessie J.

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