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Part 15 - Rango - Activation of the Mind-Controlled Army in a Black Awakening

Before I launch into this next episode in the stranger-than-fiction Rango series, here's a couple items of note. This year's Clinton Global Initiative just concluded. This annual event is a huge deal. It's promoted as a brilliant humanitarian thing, but it is rather Antichrist. Watch and see.

On the current theme of Rango-as-Monarch-programming-tool, I offer these two links that provide some excellent insight featuring the testimony and paintings of a SRA/DID survivor named Kim Nobel.

The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas (The Vigilant Citizen - 9/22/11)

The Art of Dissociation (PseudOccult Media - 12/1/2009)

What I've presented showing Beans and Rango as Monarch slaves and Rattlesnake Jake as Dr. Josef Mengele should leave little doubt that Rango is a canvas broadly painted upon with vivid attributes of MK-ULTRA styled trauma-based mind control programming. The striking feature length animation has more to reveal that some need to know, so I continue.

The last sentence from Part 14: "The reasonable conclusion is that Rango, the animated feature, is a Monarch tool, a device used to leverage Satan's Horus plan and bring the Beast and the mark of the Beast to reality through a remotely triggered mind-controlled army of zombie super-soldiers!" Zombie super-soldiers? Well, yes. Let's play Connect the Dots. Dance Alters. Assassin Alters. Universal triggers for joint missions. There's three categories of dots.

Russ Dizdar wrote about what he calls a black awakening, referring to when an army of sleeper agents will be activated to engage in battle. He has been documenting evidence of this plan for many years. Rango adds a corroborating witness in ways that are subtle yet convincing! I already presented Rango the chameleon as having an assassin alter, but beyond the individual we are shown a collective of chosen ones as an army.

The water ritual line dance I described in Part 5 as a dramatization of DNA transformation can also be seen as a collective of sleeper agents triggered to engage in battle. To merely illustrate the genetic assembly of DNA ladder rungs (the AT and CG base pairs), the two opposing rails could have been joined by less violent means, say, by the lines of dancers joining hands, but the connection made was by those on one side slapping those opposite in the face. Why the violence? It supports the Monarch programming layer. The chosen ones may use force to overcome their opponents. Rango, after being slapped, responds by knocking out the frail looking "gal" who slapped him. Assassin alters are serious, using even deadly force. Rango knocked her out then stole her water container, representing her life.

The mind-controlled slave army pictured as line dancers were called into battle array and subsequently into the engagement with a universal trigger, at the ringing of the bell as the clock struck Noon on Wednesday. As the bell chimed out the Noon hour, the Dirt dwellers went into a trance as mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates, a zombie army. This scene presents what might be called a black awakening, a collective activation (like Star Trek's Borg) for a common mission. The chosen ones are programmed with alters for individual missions and for collective missions. Triggers are in place that provide for mass activation.

In recent years, a cultural phenomenon related to mass activation has come to be very significant - the flash mob. These are typically planned events carried out by volunteers for entertainment purposes but are also for political (High-Spirited Flashmob Invades S.F. Financial District, Shuts Down Bank) and criminal objectives. If you Web search "zombie flash mob" you'll find plenty of results. There is power in this activity beyond what even the number of individuals directly involved suggests! There will be multiplied effectual power in the mass activation of sleeper agents programmed as a zombie slave army that is even now equipped with psychic weaponry to wield supernatural influence over many others. I hope to explain more about psychic weaponry in another post.

I'm well aware that this seems like science fiction, but based upon my personal experience and history plus years of faithfully watching according to the Lord's direction to watch, what I've learned from the Sovereign Lord opening up Bible prophecy and exposing the devil's plans has made it apparent that there are times appointed for slave army activation. The sovereign Lord's own agenda will ultimately be served by this, but the devil will score victories of sorts. In today's flash mobs, participants volunteer, but the chosen ones (presently estimated to number upwards of 100 million) are programmed and demonized slaves, carrying out their current missions but yet awaiting mass activation at the appointed times. There are crux moves scheduled on the Lord's "moadim" play book and His agents will be met with appropriate resistance from the forces of the rebel. This makes logical sense, and it is true.

After Rango steals the "lady's" water bottle, he joins the column that is already marching two by two out of town to the place where the "holy water spigot" ceremony is held. While Rango engages a couple of townsfolk in conversation, a character featured in the background is obviously a soldier, identified by the Civil War era hat he wears. This soldier is rather special, with an arrow through his head piercing his right eye that identifies him as enlightened via phallic Eye of Horus.

This soldier is highlighted in the following scene. Rango is equipping folks for a military style mission by passing out torches, and he comes to one with an arrow shot through his eye.

Rango: Whoah! Are you sure you're fit for duty there, soldier?
Sergeant Turley: What?
Rango: Well, you got a little somethin' in your eye there.
Sergeant Turley: Oh, that! [pointing to his left eye that has no arrow through it] That there is conjunctivitis, sir. It's hereditary.
Rango: Oh! Well...I'm glad to hear it's not contagious.

The arrow is a phallic symbol, as you can see from this collage of Valentine's Day images.

See the series of posts beginning here for many more examples: Part 23 - See, it's the "i" of Horus! The Incredibles, Swirl Eyes and Valentines By the way, I do hope to resume that series, at the Lord's provision.

The arrow through the eye is a phallic Horus Eye image that should be very familiar to those of you who have followed this blog for a while. It indicates that Sergeant Turley is enlightened, his third eye is activated. When Rango refers to something in Sergeant Turley's eye, the soldier points to his left eye that has no arrow through it, which, while it seems to be nothing more than a silly joke, provides insight for the wise. The soldier can see well out of the arrow-pierced eye, but the other has the problem, darker, as signaling Harmerty, Horus "who rules with two eyes."

In the screenshot presented here, Sergeant Turley's Eye of Horus is emphasized to assure we can identify it. Behind him is a scene framed like an eye. The light illuminating the scene floods in through the windows as dimensional portals. The horizontal divider present us with the Hermetic Maxim, "As Above, So Below." We get it.

Sergeant Turley says the condition is hereditary. It's a fact that the genetic transfer of programmed super-soldier skills is why the name of the Monarch butterfly labels this programming.

In this character we find a definite link between the trauma-based mind control layer and the Horus/Beast and mark of the beast layer. In the scene where we see him marching after having been triggered by the clock chiming, Sergeant Turley appears activated, marching in a column in the ranks of mind-controlled chosen ones. He has Horus Eye illumination and is later pictured being equipped by the Horus/Beast Rango with the ability to illuminate others.

Let's turn our attention to the featured dance routine. When the army was triggered at the chiming of Wednesday Noon and went into a trance, they danced. The dissociation triggered for warfare relates to dance. There are some dots to connect here.

If you watch SuckerPunch (“Sucker Punch” or How to Make Monarch Mind Control Sexy) you will see the focal character "Baby Doll" having a dance routine that is a dissociated alter state during abuse and is also coincident with a military mission. See also The Black Swan. Mind control programming and dance. (The Occult Interpretation of the Movie “Black Swan” and Its Message on Show Business) Dance music video is famously saturated with mind-control programming! Have you seen Joss Whedon's movie based on the cult favorite Firefly series titled Serenity? The girl named River Tam is a dancing mind-controlled psychic super-soldier. If you watch The Men Who Stare at Goats (2004) you will see early super-soldier training in dance. There's a reason for that. The First Earth Battalion (pictured in that movie as the New Earth Army) is legit.

The goddess worship trend advanced significantly by Starhawk's "Spiral Dance" does involve dancing as ritual (and ultimately DNA activation of the Eye of Horus). See Reclaiming Presents The 32nd Annual SPIRAL DANCE Saturday, October 29, 2011. This is warfare as through deception intending to bring submission of adversaries, comparing to First Earth Battalion methodology.

While you're connecting dots, the lyrics of the music video featured in the Vigilant Citizen's Blog post titled Jessie J’s “Price Tag”: It’s Not About Money, It’s About Mind Control are very telling. "It ain't about the money. We just wanna make the world dance. Forget about the price tag." Interpreting the hidden message is not difficult when we understand about the dance. The dance is the dance of a Monarch alter, with marionette programming, serving as a slave soldier in the army subject to Horus. This Horus is the Beast whose mark will seal the dancers, the one who will manifest in the power of the dragon Bob Dylan refers to as the commander in chief. The price tag is your soul, and they would have you forget about that. But, don't! Another line of the lyrics refers us back to Genesis chapter six and the days of Noah. "We need to kick it back in time when music made us all unite." What is the uniting but the hybridization resulting from the mating of the sons of god with the daughters of men? What is the music but that of the mating dance, bioacoustic signals bringing DNA transformation? There's more to follow from Rango on that theme, Lord willing!

When you can connect the dots you become aware of how the bizarre line dance scene that takes place in the main street of Dirt is a witness to the activation of an army of mind controlled slaves who serve the antichrist Horus agenda. This activity is appointed to counter the Lord's key activities. Yet, the Lord's preparation is fit. His agents will succeed in their appointed missions! Satan's counter will succeed in accomplishing only what has been appointed in the Sovereign Lord's plan, but many will fall by it, as it must be.

In conclusion, Rob Skiba has been sharing an interesting interpretation of the name, Y'shua. Hebrew letters have a number of meanings associated with them, and the letters spelling Y'shua can be interpreted in the following way. "The hand that destroys the establishment or the activity of the eye." You can identify the referenced EYE, right? Y'shua will prevail. His agents are being prepared. If you know this, praise the Lord!

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