Saturday, February 01, 2014

Moving the Thunder

By Aaron Hermann

When the Lord first brought the Final Countdown signaling elements to my attention when they were presented during the kickoff special of the 2013 NFL season it quickly became apparent that there is some sort of special connection between Denver and New York City, so it is no real surprise that the first Super Bowl being hosted in New York City's history (technically East Rutherford, New Jersey) involves the Denver Broncos. Over the course of the last couple of weeks the Lord has been bringing the term "full circle" to mind, so the fact that Denver was involved in the first game of the season and the last game of the season certainly fits.

The occult term for this type of phenomenon is Sympathetic Magick, and while a detailed presentation on Sympathetic Magick falls outside the parameters of this post, it is a significant part of the strong connection between Denver and New York. What we are witnessing here is far beyond coincidence and goes much deeper than just the superficial happenings of professional sports.

In Part 3 of the NFL & The Final Countdown series I discussed the extraordinary measures the NFL took to move the game to Denver.

Since 2004 the annual NFL Kickoff game is played at the stadium of the defending Super Bowl champions as a reward for the team, city, and fans as the team is presented with their super Bowl rings and a championship banner is raised in the stadium. By all accounts the game should have been played in Baltimore, but instead the game was played in Denver.

The Baltimore Ravens share parking and other facilities with the Baltimore Orioles (a major league baseball team) and the explanation given as to why the game was moved to Denver was due to the fact that the Orioles refused to change their schedule to accommodate the Ravens and allow them to have their celebration game at home.

For anyone who follows sports on even a casual basis this story makes absolutely no sense, even with the superficial plausible deniability of the fact that the MLB schedule was in place before the Ravens won the Super Bowl. The Ravens won their first super Bowl in 12 years and the Orioles aren't willing to change one of 81 home games in an effort to accommodate their champion neighbors and pacify the most powerful professional sports organization in the country?

As powerful and popular as the NFL is we are supposed to believe they were unable to convince the decision makers of the MLB to move one game? Sorry, I'm not buying it. Those familiar with the workings of the Occult understand that location matters a great deal, and Denver was chosen for a specific purpose.

Part 3 - NFL & The Final Countdown - Connections and Context of Complex Time Elements

The NFL League offices are in New York City, and if you are familiar with this series than you are well aware that there was a weather delay before the first game in Denver last September and it was the NFL League office that had the power and authority to decide how long the delay would last, when play would resume, etc. This may seem like a trivial matter, but it is an important point to grasp as it is yet another connection point between Denver and New York City.

Denver and New York City have a history. On January 25, 1987 the Denver Broncos played the New York Giants in Super Bowl 21 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. On December 13, 1998 the heavily favored undefeated Denver Broncos with future Hall of Fame quarterback John Elway played the underdog Giants n New York at the old Meadowlands Stadium with journeyman quarterback Ken Graham leading the way the Giants beat Denver to ruin the Broncos hopes of an undefeated season. (It is worth noting that Denver would eventually win the Super Bowl that year.)

However, perhaps the most important connection between Denver and New York occurred on Monday night September 10, 2001 when the Denver Broncos played the New York Giants in the inaugural game at Invesco Field. In 2001 the Broncos moved out of the old Mile High Stadium into their new complex which was named Invesco Field until 2011 when it was changed to its current name of Sports Authority Field. The christening of the stadium was an important event, and in order to harness as much energy as possible the NFL granted Denver center stage with an appearance on Monday Night Football.

As many of you are aware, the Monday Night Football games are special because they are the only game being played which means it has the sole focus of the fans increasing the energy involved in the event. The extra energy was especially important in this case because before the game was played a ritual was carried out with the explicit intent to transfer the energy from the old stadium into the new venue. The Broncos organization brought back many storied players from its franchise to assist in raising the energy for this ritual that was officially called "Moving the Thunder."

On September 10, 2001, the stadium hosted its first regular season NFL game, in which the Denver Broncos defeated the New York Giants 31–20. In a pre-game ceremony, Broncos legends John Elway, Steve Atwater, Randy Gradishar, Haven Moses, Billy Thompson, Floyd Little, Dennis Smith, and Karl Mecklenburg helped to "Move the Thunder" from the old Mile High Stadium to the new home of the Broncos.

Wikipedia - Sports Authority Field

Once again New York played an important role in the ritual with the Giants being involved in the event. Roughly 12 hours after the game began the infamous events that would forever change the nature of this country took place in Manhattan during the morning of September 11, 2001.

There is a connection between time and space that must be mentioned here, and Bob wrote of this when he discussed the events of September 10, 1991 and its relation and connection to the events of September 10th and 11th, 2001. This connection through time simply cannot be ignored.

Bob and I have been writing a great deal about the forthcoming second 9-11 event that is assured to take place in the near future. Keeping in mind that there was a "moving the thunder" ritual that took place involving the Denver Broncos and the city of New York 12 hours before the tragic events of September 11, 2001 I believe that the following piece of news is a rather ominous sign.

The NFL League offices, located in Manhattan, granted permission to the Denver Broncos to fly their 900 pound horse mascot, named Thunder, to the Super Bowl. So they are literally "moving the thunder" mascot to New York to take part in the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl will have the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos facing off to win the biggest game of the year. Thankfully Denver Broncos mascot “Thunder” will be there too. If you haven’t heard about the horse that runs Invesco Field in Denver, then the idea of having the horse at the sidelines might be a little foreign. Some NFL teams have mascots made out of costume figures, however Denver has a live horse. According to The Denver Post on Wednesday, the team has the permission of the NFL to fly the horse to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Moving a horse is amazing pop culture trivia that gives people a glimpse at the massive logistics needed for the mascot Super Bowl team. Believe it or not, the 900-pound horse gets to the Super Bowl from Denver without driving. It’s quite simple actually, the horse will fly. He will not be flying first class, but in a cargo plane and the ride might be a new experience for Thunder. Assuming there are no new storms, the stadium seems to be ready to take in the stallion mascot.

Denver Broncos mascot flying to Super Bowl? Live 900-pound horse takes a plane

I must point out the obvious connection here between the demonic blue horse, "Blucifer", at the Denver International Airport and the Satanic ritual that took place during the Grammy's when Katy Perry performed her song "Dark Horse." It is an obvious connection and many folks have noted. The Vigilant Citizen's The 2014 Grammy Awards: Still Pushing the Illuminati Agenda post and Joseph Herrin's False Gestures/Jesters of Peace post covered the connection and provided some excellent commentary on the event. It is also worth noting that in 2010 that the Statue of Anubis made its way past the Statue of Liberty in New York City as well as a prolonged stay at the Denver International Airport, so there's that connection as well.

If we are willing to go beyond the superficial and look at the events transpiring on Sunday, February 2nd for what they mean in the spiritual realm than we are left with a very serious and ominous set of events that are intentionally coordinated with the Satanic calendar to synchronize the effect of the energy harvesting which is achieved by the various rituals being carried out concurrently. Energy is being harvested and added to the sum of the total which will one day be released and will accomplish all that it is intended and permitted to accomplish.

By Aaron Hermann

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  1. From the centre of Metlife Stadium to the first twin tower in NYC = 6.66 Nautical Miles!

  2. Not only that but the Metlife Stadium car parks are 333 deg from WTC1.

  3. I noticed a really spooky commercial during the Super Bowl advertising a show called Strain. After a solar eclipse a message says "He is here!" Peyton means royal & the mascot of the Broncos is a white horse. A royal riding a white horse! I was surprised Denver lost as I was thinking the fix was in. We all know the Antichrist loses in the end so actually it turned out perfect!

    Link to the strain trailer: