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Part 7 - Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - The Closing Ceremony

The regular Winter Olympics have ended. Two more ceremonies are expected in Sochi, opening and closing the Paralympics (March 7-16). The closing ceremonies on the 23rd seemed pretty conventional, not unlike the opening ceremony I've blogged about in this series. The thing about this kind of ceremony is that the convention is the grand exhibition of a public mega-ritual. This closing ceremony is the 5th one to be given my attention (Beijing, Vancouver, and 2 in London) and it's every bit the Illuminati extravaganza the others were before it. While there was no ceremonial disembowelment “bloody guts” award costuming to be seen, no pyramid of box-bricks constructed on the stadium floor, no eyebrow raising flaming phoenix or sinister distribution of a thorn cauldron like what was witnessed in London, the primary themes have remained. What I perceived was just what should be expected when folks who worship Zeus stage a party. If you've been following this blog for a while you know what this mega-ritual has to be about. Apollo aka Horus. It was all about Apollo and his coming, facilitated by Mercury. The closer compared closely to the opener.

The traditional handoff to the hosts of the next scheduled games in Pyeongchang 2018 took place as expected, which was celebrated with South Korea's own 8 minute segment. The esoteric themes closely matched Russia's segments. Details may follow, Lord willing.

The theme, “Reflections of Russia,” was evident throughout, with the various ceremonies reflecting back on the games, on the imagery of the opening ceremony and the host country's literature, art and music. We're told in the commentary that it was even a reflection of the people of Russia to themselves and others around the world, in a questioning of identity. That's rather mysterious. Beyond any superficial consideration we're invited to explore the deeper symbolism.

The climax of every closing ceremony is the extinguishing of the flame but this one in Sochi was lacking in drama, according to some reports. Yawn. It was overshadowed by the memorable moment created by another ritual of the 5th ring, as expected (See Part 1).

Daniele Finzi Pasca, an Italian who was artistic director of the ceremony, said before the event that "not everything went well" in the final rehearsal on Saturday. But things appeared to run smoothly during the performance. In fact, the most obvious "mistake" was intentional: In the first scene, hundreds of dancers in sparkling costumes formed the Olympic rings but didn't shape the fifth one immediately—a nod to a ring that failed during the opening ceremony. "We wanted something that was a mistake to become unforgettable," Pasca said.” (Sochi Olympics: Closing Time [The Wall Street Journal])

When the report says, “the most obvious "mistake" was intentional,” I believe it really applies to the closing ceremony's “comedic” replay and also to the one being replayed.

Why would they lie to us about what really happened? This simply creates the drama necessary for the ritual raising of energy. The creation of an unforgettable moment is a good marketing ploy, but this is actually ritual magick, which is of far more importance to them. This same device was already used in Vancouver, so the ploy has been worked twice in a row for the Winter Olympics. While Vancouver 2010 featured a pyramid and the ritual of the 4th leg (emphasizing the pattern of 3 things and then a 4th), this one emphasized the 5-Horus identity using the pyramid logo. If you grasp the esoteric meaning of the Olympic rings logo, these rituals are very much complementary in how they give attention to, and therefore ritual energy to, the missing element.

I'm going to offer another decoding of the rings logo here because it explains one of the cryptic images of the closing ceremony.

The 5 connected rings form a pyramid with a missing capstone, a very common and usually obfuscated form. The Olympics version is made of rings locked together instead of bricks and mortar. It's also upside down, as it would appear in a reflection. The inversion is a simple expression of the Hermetic Maxim and an instance of the magick of Hermes facilitating Horus. Here's the dynamic involved with a truncated pyramid. The uncapped pyramid wants its capstone. It wants to be completed like a void that wants to be filled. Magick works on the principles of balance. Offer something unbalanced in a visual or audible impression and it invites interaction from the viewer who responds by giving energy to where it's deficient to bring it into balance. Like how the genuine Body of Christ wants Christ, the head of the Body, the truncated pyramid is the counterfeit messianic body that wants the Antichrist head, the capstone Apollo/Horus. The Olympic rings logo is a potent magickal symbol that works supernaturally to complete that pyramid.

We were teased with a momentary suggestion of the completion they crave during the opening video segment of the ceremony. A surreal time travel video played at the outset that was similar to the Opening Ceremony's Dream segment. Images of some selected XXII Winter Games gold medalists competing in their sports appeared in mirrors and in ice and on an open grand piano lid as through we were seeing through portals back in time. (This is another video interwoven with live action to supplement the “great hoax” modeling of the opening ceremony, as addressed in Part 3.) One of the Olympians honored in this sequence was a skeleton rider wearing a Great Britain helmet, who was most probably Lizzy Yarnold. She appeared as at the launch of a run down the sliding course, framed in a mirror along with the Olympic rings logo. She was in motion and the rings were in motion. Here's two screenshots from the NBC broadcast.

In the photographic alignment of the scene, the round helmet passes very quickly through the region of the implied ring. It seems to me there's probably a strict Brand rule enforced by the Olympics Committee to the effect that the implied 6th ring must stay hidden, and no substitutions may be presented except by the most subtle of suggestions. Like the Wicked Witch of the West revealed to Dorothy in the pyramid and sun symbol-fest Wizard of Oz, “These things must be done delicately, or you hurt the spell.” (Part 24 - Celestial Stargates - Ring-a-round the Rosie) The cowardly lion of that roaring lion branded MGM classic was a sun lion king. (MGM Grand logo pictured) What do you suppose is featured on her team's competition helmet? A sun king lion! And, the rings logo under it makes the implied 6th ring a 3rd eye, a Horus Eye!

Here's another member of the skeleton team wearing the helmet.

This image is the branding found on the awards platform, on the face of the gold medalist's podium. In the region where the implied 6th ring would appear we see the I of SOCHI. Now, where have we seen an “I” in a capstone? They are not ONE to BUCK that trend, right? The implied 6th Olympic ring is the Eye of Horus. For many examples of this kind of signaling, check out the 42 part series titled, See, it's the "i" of Horus!

More validation of what is meant by the rings logo and the short scene in the mirror appears when you make the skeleton identification. The sled is called a skeleton, just like the bones. The skeleton head or helmet is a skull, so the sixth ring is a skull. The skull is a symbol of the beast. That's dead Osiris raised into Horus - and the identity of the implied ring!

Remember this skull from Miley Cyrus' video, We Can't Stop?

It's the beast of Revelation 13. The fingers and french fries supply three letters “f,” the 6th letter - 666. Where is the mark to be placed but in the forehead and in the right hand.

Gold medalist Lizzy Yarnold agreed to lend her image to this potent Illuminati signal when she signed off on the standard paperwork required for participation in the Olympic Games. It's a sad deal. All the participants, sponsors, volunteers, and viewers add to the sum of the ritual energy raised and harnessed during these kinds of events and ceremonial rituals. Soon, their efforts will bear fruit. The skull and bones man will appear to claim the throne that awaits him. But, there's good news. The impostor will be followed by the genuine, not long after! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the only begotten son of the Most High God!

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  1. Here's some additional symbolism that the LORD God delivered to me:

    sochi- hocis- hocus; deceive (someone)
    Sochi - Sock eye (salmon); from the Greek ychos meaning 'nail' and ithyngchos meaning 'snout'; Anglicization of suk-kegh, a Halkomellem word meaning 'red fish;' akin to red herring
    sochi - so chi; chi - dragon from Chinese mythology; name means 'hornless dragon' or 'mountain demon.'
    Sochi - Chios; Chios island, also called "Ophioussa", snake island, and Pityoussa "pine-tree island"
    Sochi - Chios - Chaos - Greek mythological figure; considered father of the gods; another name for Nimrod, who tried to build the tower of Babel
    Sochi - Chios - Chiun - star of Remphan - from the Hebrew word Kewan; related to the Old Babylonian Kayawanu, a.k.a. the planet Saturn, a.k.a. Satan
    Red ring - red eye; closing ceremony the red ring, or eye, was closed, then it was opened; signal of illumination (much of the world was mind raped); also brings to mind the Algol star system. Algol means "the demon," in Arabic; it is found in the constellation Perseus; Perseus the Greek hero was the offspring of a human woman and a demon/devil; red eye closing and opening identifies the true source of ritual illumination, Satan.
    MGM logo on Great Britain's helmets is a roaring lion: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour." 1 Peter 5:8