Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Part 4 - Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Zion and the Silver Gate

In a few more days the Winter Olympics are scheduled to come to an end, marked with closing ceremonies. (Sochi time: Sunday, 23 February, 20:00) Tradition leads me to expect a ceremony within a ceremony, when the country who won the bid to host for the next Winter Games, South Korea, will showcase their talents for an 8 minute segment. Regarding the ceremonies in Beijing, 2008, I devoted hundreds of hours to decoding the Chinese ceremonies but more time by far decoding the 8 minute long London ceremony (and some related signs). It was that big of a deal. If I'm able, I will likely blog about the ceremonies marking the end of Sochi's Games and the ceremonial hand-off to Pyeongchang when the time comes. I will start this post looking ahead a little at the notable event logo chosen for the XXIII Winter Games in 2018, which will probably be on display during the upcoming ceremony.

Whatever the official explanation is for the Pyeongchang 2008 logo, the astrological glyph for Gemini and the Egyptian hieroglyph for a star are easily discerned. This pictures a transit of the celestial Silver Gate. You're familiar with the Celestial Stargates series, right? Could the Silver Gate transit symbol be more plain?

This image found in Luxor, Egypt (or perhaps in the Karnak complex) was featured in Part 33 - Celestial Stargates - The Flowering Lotus that Terrifies Obama in “I, Pet Goat II”.

South Korea is quite capable of producing Illuminati programming extravaganzas, as evidenced by their music video industry. If you recall the coverage I gave the band A-Jax and their video for “Insane” you know those promoting South Korean media entertainments are quite adept at producing Silver Gate, black magick and trauma-based mind-control programming imagery.

The Sochi 2014 logo unscrambles to form the word, Zion, just like others in recent years, Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 and London 2012. The next Olympics on the schedule is Rio 2016, and theirs also renders Zion, as you see illustrated below, and in this video. Decoding the Rio 2016 Olympics Logo - ZION

The simple design of the logo for the Winter Games in Pyeongchang follows this trend. Why Zion? Why the Silver Gate? I believe they are related.

Their Pyeongchang 2016 logo suggests to me that they see the Silver Gate as locked in the open state and therefore being transited freely, manifesting Zion, the heavenly city (their counterfeit) “come down to Earth.” Here's how I explained it in a recent post.

The hope of those who work such rituals is for immortality and to live as gods, and this includes a kind of Mount Olympus, a city wherein they may dwell; Zion. You've seen The Matrix series, right? It's more than a refuge that they're looking for. They want to hijack what is the real Zion by ascending the ancient dragon to the throne. I believe this is what the seizure of control over time and the stargates is intended to facilitate. ” (Part 18 - Celestial Stargates - Zion, Corrupted and Coming Down From Heaven)

Apollo is required, because he's at the center of this scheme. He's the kingpin, and his transit is the key to their Zion. Have you seen Dr Who - The End of Time - Pt 1 and 2? The plot shuffles this plot a bit before dealing it out it but the key elements are there.

The logo for Rio 2016 speaks to me of a leveraging of Rio as the word for “river,” alluding to the river of time. I see a ritual working of 3 people as in a remote viewing kind of arrangement, operating psi powers. It also speaks to me of triple helix beast DNA creating a rainbow bridge.

Sochi's Zion logo is simple but it works. The Occult potency complements that of the Olympic rings logo, an inverted rainbow pyramid that begs for its unseen 6th ring capstone, Apollo, to complete their Zion. The Silver Gate rituals of the opening ceremony support this scheme.

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