Monday, August 25, 2014

Decoding Flo's Dream - Miscreant Squirrel on a Cloud

Progressive Commercial: Flo's Dream

Miscreant squirrel. Obsessed with acorn. Captivity. Cloud-nest. Goddess and Silver Gate and mind control programming symbols. This all seems so familiar. Oh yeah! Coldplay's Strawberry Swing! I just published a post covering these same subjects. Progressive's marketing dept - Coldplay fans? Have the producers gone to the same school or are they just drawing from the same well of inspiration? What matters is the result, which advances the agenda of the dark side powers.

Flo's bedroom scene is Progressive's comical take on the Vogue. Flo, who lives to sell insurance, is iterating through the kinds of policies offered instead of counting sheep. It takes a turn when she has obviously succeeded in her effort to help her fall asleep.

Chipmunk family reunion.
Someone stole the nuts.
Squirrel Jail.

Most would think it crazy to say so, but Flo's dream is a swipe at the true God's character. It's the dream of the Adversary to bind the Creator and seize the spoils. It's supported by the ancient rebellion leading goddess. The victorious chipmunk holding the acorn at the end is Lady Justice. The flower gives it away.

The video opens with some Illuminati mind-control programming symbolism. The carousel - carousel programming. The music box music. The unicorn - magickal androgyne. On the padded headboard are diamonds, symbols of Chosen Ones, Illuminati programmed multiples. Flo puts herself into a dream state with the trigger sequence of policies, with the enchanting music, into a trance state for programming.

There's a Jezebel jab, with the flipped theme of stealing the nuts. The female robs the male of masculinity by usurping his authority.

Goddess imagery abounds. Lady Justice, the chipmunk. The white picket fence looks like a scallop shell - Venus, on the sea foam cloud. Piggy bank - pig-boar symbol of Inanna-Ishtar. Flo's pillow forms an angel wing. Her bed is a vehicle. FloW - Vogue. To go, transport in a vehicle. Progressive, advancing, going forward.

On the hood of Flo's bed-car, the P (Progressive) is the 11th letter from the end (RAS - where Z=1), the pillar and Gemini twins number, set between the racing stripes that are a pillar. The white of the car is argent, in heraldry, the equivalent of silver. She is the goddess and the Silver Gate transiting vehicle is seen with the cloud. On the padded headboard you can see the line of XXXX that conceals the W of the Goddess, the M of the beast, the Masonic square and compass... Just because it's common and subtle doesn't mean its not legitimate. Symbols are deeply layered.

The closing scene is a Progressive nightlight. Nice touch. The Night Light in the sky is the moon, a goddess symbol. Re is the sun god. progREssive, with Re right over the plug.

I found this Code 33 collage in my inventory of previously unpublished stuff. The Certified Snapshot Agency Code 33 Royal Arse-Arch.

The life preserver is the sodomite orange with divine white squared circle, the sodomite gateway. The I "heart" insurance button adds a bonus feature - the heart butt for the goddess of "heart." The life preserver is a Mark of the Beast circle X. Think about it. Folks will take it as a life preserver, but it will actually cause it to end as they trade it in for an epic loss. Note the subtle bent elbow W pose.

The North American Demo Boat Show has the 8 point Star of Inanna and compass Rose goddess symbols, plus the Azazel-Horus red cross.

The Progressive sponsored Boat Show ads feature suns and the red spiral of life to celebrate the sun god and his goddess.

progressive = 16+18+15+7+18+5+19+19+9+22+5 = 153

The 153 is a resurrection number. See John 21, with 153 fish caught in the net. Could that be why Progressive sponsors boat shows and not car shows? Vogue: to sail or row, to sway or rock, water in motion. Progressive Flo. Goddess. Stargates. Raising Horus from Osiris from out of the Milky Way.

Ode to Flo -- Progressive Insurance Commercial


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