Thursday, August 21, 2014

Part 15 - Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - The Queen of Peace Breaks the Ice (Paralympics Opening)

The goddess is uniting the world in preparation for her son. The role of the Marian goddess was modeled to us with brilliant subtilty during a segment of the opening ceremony of the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia, on March 7, 2014. A woman named Maria sang a lullaby as she rode a gigantic icebreaker across the stadium. The ship's name was MIR - Peace. Performers dramatized the ice being broken with stage props that made them resemble ice cubes. The immense stage looked like the frozen sea, being lit with the “multidimensional painting” (their words) projected on to the stadium floor. In her wake, fiery fallen angels moved in overhead and the performers under the wave of their influence formed the word, TOGETHER. The world was acting in concert, one in purpose. What happened next illustrated what's very soon to come, in reality.

You can watch the entire opening ceremony online. The segment of interest begins Breaking the Ice - Opening Ceremony | Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games

Here's a description of the segment called, “Breaking the Ice” - from, Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony `broke the ice` in people's hearts.

“The final chapter of the Ceremony under the title "Breaking the Ice" began with a performance based on the plays of Anton Chekhov. Under the Cossack song "You, Russia, Mother Russia" sung by 400 singers, five large tables were placed on the stage, behind which guests sat. Accordion virtuoso and visually impaired musician Alexei Levchuk, performed a song written for the film "A Cruel Romance" together with a group of gypsies. Every minute the level of emotions intensified as laughter, shouting and cheering filled the arena. Suddenly the ice chandelier under the ceiling split into many small pieces, and the guests, delighted by the whirlwind of celebration, smashed plates and glasses. Moments later the flash of fireworks and the deep, low sound of a ship's horn signified the appearance of the huge Mir icebreaker, which sailed on stage and singer Maria Gulegina sang "Cossack Lullaby," based on the poetry by Mikhail Lermontov. The icebreaker easily crushed the blocks of ice in its path, as if breaking the barriers of misunderstanding between people. The author of this unique set, which is 42 meters in length, was the Oscar-winning production designer Eugenio Caballero of Mexico. When the ship sailed out of the blocks of ice, the word "Vmeste" (Together) in Russian and English appeared. Then the words turned into the emblem of the Paralympic Games, the Agitos.”

The ship's name is MIR, which means, peace. What the commentator is carefully not telling us is that the name of the singer provides the other key identifier in this grand metaphor. Maria Gulegina is the sole performer on the bow of the mighty ship, MIR. She represents the Queen of Peace, Maria, Mary. MIR was the name of the space station that orbited above the Earth for 15 years, we are told. The symbol represents the celestial goddess, The Queen of Heaven, who might well be called Our Lady of the Olympics.

“Breaking the Ice” is an idiom that means, “to initiate social interchanges and conversation; to get something started.” The commentator in this video's broadcast version interprets it to us in this way. “The ship is both physically and metaphorically breaking barriers, opening new channels of communication, tracing new paths for mankind.” The function of an icebreaker is to open a channel for other ships to travel through, when and where they otherwise could not. This is Mary's role, who is genuinely breaking the ice. In her wake, ice cube people swirl, broken from the sheet of ice shattered at her bow. They are united by her work. TOGETHER. E Pluribus Unum, as her work is described in branding peculiar to the USA. Out of many, one. Let it speak to you how the ice-cube people unite under the influence of firebirds, fallen angels that were shown to proceed out from the sun, as the sun god. See them as coming through the channel opened by the Maria of Mir, the icebreaker.

Leading up to the appearance of Maria, goddess of MIR, the song, “You, Russia, Mother Russia,” was heard. Yes, “Mother Russia” is the exalted goddess, Mary. What I wrote about Our Lady of the Nations is evident in this ceremonial exhibition. That traditional folk song was sung by 400 singers of the Pan-Russian Choir, with 4 being the Isis number (Code 47). Yes, Pan. That's the god to whom Jack Parsons (JPL) dedicated his rocket launches.

The goddess exalted as Mother Russia is uniting all the world, drawing them to herself. The force of attraction is pictured as the man and little girl are drawn so closely to the ship, Maria, goddess of MIR. The title of the article I quoted above says that the opening ceremony `broke the ice` in people's hearts. That's Mary for you, with her “Immaculate Heart.”

While the song that the commentator called, Mother of Russia, was sung, 5 tables were set up on the floor, over which appeared 5 huge chandeliers (1:43:09 mark). That number is the number of rings in the Olympic logo, which has been claimed to be an international symbol that represents all the people of the world joined in Olympism. The meaning of the number as representing all the people of the world is actually biblical. (The Feeding of the Five Thousand). What is known as "The Table of Nations" is presented in Genesis chapter 10 and 11. The Table of Nations ~ 5 tables. The chandeliers are lighting fixtures that illuminate the Table of Nations. The number 5 identifies the planet and goddess Venus. It's the Illumination of Mary described by St. Louis de Montfort. The number 5 is also signaling Horus (Code 47), providing the symbolism of the Horus Eye illumination.

These tables and chandeliers remained during the icebreaker scene as props to add their complementary symbolism. The floor becomes the frozen sea, populated with ice cube people who join with those who had been celebrating at the tables. Like the 5 chandeliers illuminating the Table of Nations, the Mir's floodlights shine down upon the performers that represent the population of the whole earth.

Maria, goddess of MIR is also the Great Harlot, Mystery Babylon. She sits upon many waters. Revelation 17:1. The meaning of the waters is explained in verse 15.

“And he said to me, “The waters which you saw where the harlot sits, are peoples and multitudes and nations and tongues. ~ Revelation 17:15

What was performed at the tables just prior to the introduction of the icebreaker supports that identification. At the 1:43:52 mark, we hear the commentator say, “The scene is set for a great celebration, a wedding celebration.” We see the bride and groom, with stylish seats that strongly suggest Venus, the star of the sea, Stella Maris. The song performed was written for the film, “A Cruel Romance.” Indeed, the romance with the goddess will be cruel. In her is found all the blood of the saints (“And in her was found the blood of prophets and of saints and of all who have been slain on the earth.” ~ Rev. 18:24) She will be burned with fire (Rev. 18:8) and thrown down with violence. (Rev. 18:21)

and the light of a lamp will not shine in you any longer; and the voice of the bridegroom and bride will not be heard in you any longer; for your merchants were the great men of the earth, because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery.” ~ Revelation 18:23

While the ship is exiting the scene, we see a Bride and groom waving goodbye.

The Goddess unites all the people of the world as the queen of peace. She is also the goddess of war. An icebreaker doesn't smash sheets of ice without violent force. The lyrics to what Maria was singing as the Mir broke the ice present us with a more full picture of what's going on in the world today, where the conflict in the process of uniting the world is ever more apparent. As Maria sings a lullabye, which is for putting children to sleep, so the Marian goddess lulls the world with her enchantments. They are oblivious to the destruction that awaits in their doomed rebelion against the authority of the Most High God.

Cossack Lullaby by Lermontov.

Sleep, my fine young baby
Lullabye, a-bye.
Quietly the clear moon looks down
Into your cradle
I will tell you stories,
I will sing you a song,
Sleep on, close your eyes,
Lullabye, a-bye.

The Terek runs over its rocky bed
And splashes its dark wave;
A sly brigand crawls along the bank
Sharpening his dagger;
But your father is an old warrior
Hardened in battle;
So sleep, my darling, undisturbed,
Lullaby a-bye.

The time will come, you will learn for yourself
The soldier's way of life,
Boldly you'll place your foot in the stirrup
And grasp your rifle.
Your fighting saddle I myself
Will embroider with silk
Sleep, my darling, my own one,
Lullaby a-bye.

Such a fine warrior you'll be to look at,
And a cossack in your soul.
I will watch you go, see you on your way,
And you'll wave your hand.
How many bitter tears silently
I will weep on that night when you go.
Sleep my angel, sweetly, softly,
Lullaby a-bye.

If you watch the sequence that follows the icebreaker's departure, you'll see the ice-cube masses form the Paralympic symbol, the Agitos, under the influence of the firebird demons that came in Mary's wake. It is an obfuscated 666, associated with the beast and his mark. (Part 42 - 2012 London Paralympics - Occult Closing Ceremony and the Agitos Symbol)

So much more could be written about how the producers of Sochi's Paralympics opener spill the beans on what's coming. It's the same plot I've been describing over and again. Are you catching on to how this isn't just a distracting sideshow?

In closing this post, I recommend reading chapters 17 and 18 of Revelation. Watch the scenes of the ceremony I described and reflect on those chapters. Note well verses 23 and 24 of chapter 18.

The goddess is preparing the world to come together as one, to receive her son. You do not want to be under her spell when that day breaks upon us. There will be great forfeit in that day, but great reward for a precious few.


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