Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Word from the Lord

Tell My people that in the days ahead their true power will be in the form of their praise and their prayers. You must seek Me and allow My power to flow through you if you are to overcome the season of extreme struggle that lies ahead. I will sustain all those whose faith is truly in Me, and My grace will be sufficient until each one's appointed end has come.

Woe to you who have made your flesh the source of your preparation and provision. The days that are to come will finally prove to you just how woefully inadequate and wicked the flesh truly is.

For those who have sought Me and My ways in earnest with patient faith and endurance, I say to you now to rejoice for your reward shall be great in the kingdom that is to come. I have seen your struggles and have sustained you through all that has come against you, and you have proven yourselves to be steadfast and true in your faith. Continue to place all of your faith and trust in Me with powerful prayer and praise and you will be fully equipped to stand firm against all that shall come against you in the days ahead.

For those of you who continue to make provisions in the flesh caring only for your survival and the survival of the ones whom you hold dear, this is your final warning. Lay down the works and desires of the flesh and seek Me and My ways before it is too late. The final hour has nearly come and in that hour all works of the flesh shall be exposed and consumed in the fiery trials of judgment and you shall suffer great forfeit and loss.

The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has spoken, thus saith The Lord.


  1. Thank you Brothers, I truly needed that. This is the only blog that I can turn to for strength. May the Living God pour his Blessings out upon you Bob and Aron.

    1. God is so very good to us! It is always good to hear from you, dear brother!

  2. Fed now says they're stopping the presses. Will see. Fertility goddesses are running wild in Paris ref femen. Diwali , Festival of Lights in India. Battle of light verses darkness. Reminds me of Dead Sea scrolls and Essenes , battle of sons of light verse sons of darkness. Lots of fear in the news/propaganda for this dark holiday.

  3. Sistine chapel gets 2.3 billion remodel . New led lights(blue, pure green, red) and a/c sys. Funny how it contradicts 10 commandments on idol worship. Bbc has interesting articles on it. One writer is disgusted with how many stinky humans visit (20,000 per day). They're breathing, sweating, giggling, etc.. Golden womb of the rock/temple mt. Is closed following false flag shooting in Jerusalem of right wing zio.

  4. Hey Guys, been seeing lots of blue lights(led) in the news. Nobel prize, Sistine chapel remodel, new car head lights with cc shape etc. reminds me of project blue beam/bb. Kids being lured to evil with sweet treats/ poison. Just like the child catcher in chitty chitty bang bang/ cc bb.

  5. Sacrifice a virgin on Friday 31/13. Courtesy of sir dicky

  6. Forgot to add the cold front for the holiday. Demons like it cold.

  7. I missed the signal when it 1st happened, but the Antares rocket blew up in virginia and was carrying a Cygnus cargo ship. Cygnus/swan, constellation with the northern cross. Who comes from the north?? Messiah or Santa/satan.