Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Decoding Tracfone - Code 666 & Code 47

TracFone is a popular telecommunications company that has several sub-brands. The brand imagery is pretty clever. Like with Verizon and Sprint and T-Mobile, what the industry's Occult logos and brand imagery represents is a continual streaming of evil influence. The symbols are the devices of witchcraft that broadcast “energy.” Demonic influence is wielded through them as literal stargate mechanisms.

The TracFone brand decodes using the simple substitution cipher where the letter A has the value of 1, B=2, etc. From there, we follow the clues provided by their simple embellishment.

The letter O has two concentric circles surrounding it like eminating waves. The letter O is the 15th letter. Because 1+5 = 6, the letter O is a two step transformation of the number 6. The O and two concentric rings are the equivalent of three letters O that each transform to 6. It's an obfuscation of the signal number of Revelation 13:18! I call such kinds of Occult or hidden transformations, Code 666.

Another Code 666 is suggested in the way the rings are drawn. They enclose the letters O and also the F but the N only in part. Let's do the math.

O=15 ~ 1+5 = 6
N=14, but only about half is enclosed.

So, we've got F(6), then a O(15) that transforms to 6, then about a half N(14) which amounts to 7-ish. If we transform the N(14) like how the O(15) transforms by adding the digits together, N(14) = 1+4 = 5. Exactly half of N(14) is 7. The 5 and 7 produced bracket 6 and average to 6. Redundant Code 666?

The way the encircling rings are divided into arcs invites the drawing of lines through the ends, which renders the ancient circle X symbol linked to the mark of the beast.

Most of the TracFone ads I see online are like the two you see here, with pricing that ends in 9.99. Rotate that. More Code 666 for more redundancy!

The company chose to use the encircled R symbol of the registered trademark with their logo. This is an Eye of Horus symbol. Almost always, it's used as the left eye in a pairing where the right eye (on the viewer's left) is the larger or brighter seeing eye. It's an instance of what's called Harmerty, “Horus who rules with two eyes.” That's the case here because the radiating white (divine light) 666 symbol is that “all-seeing” Eye of Horus.

That big radiant Horus Eye has three rings - it's the opened third eye.

Some of the TracFone ads feature LG phones, making the Harmerty signal redundant for a bump in potency. Lady Gaga's handlers have to know what I'm talking about.

If we remove the ringed letters FON from the TracFone logo and consider the value of what remains we discover an instance of Code 47.

T+R+A+C+E = 20+18+1+3+5 = 47

Code 47 references the 47th Problem of Euclid, a code used to represent the union of Osiris and Isis that produces Horus. Code 47 may also involve the addition of a single chromosome to the standard 46 of our DNA, which points to the bodily transformation of the mark of the beast. Could that be encoded in this logo?

The RAS value of the ringed letters is 46. F+O+N is 21+12+13 = 46 (when Z = 1)

FON is wrapped inside TRAC-E. So, 46 (processed with an inversion) is wrapped inside 47. Is this a parable about DNA and ascending man with the Horus Eye beast divine transformation?

Let's consider a smaller wrapper, the values of ACE. (Like the Bicycle Ace of Spades that bears the picture of the brand's iconic goddess. See Our Lady of the Bicycle, Playing Cards, Time-Space and the Euchre Miracle.) ACE = 1.3.5 which are Fibonacci numbers. Following the sequence from 1.1.(2).3.5 we come to 8.13... The set, 5, 8 and 13, are the numbers exhibited by the planet Venus, i.e. the Bicycle goddess on the Ace. The geometric shape of the Fibonacci sequence when graphed is a spiral, which is why the spiral is a symbol of the goddess.Now, in the TracFone logo, see how the letters AC and E wrap around the Horus Eye vortex. The spinning rings are the goddess spiral, the visual ACE code. Yes, the logo is energetically empowered by the goddess of the stargate. The visual dynamic created by the sylized swirling vortex enhances the supernaturalism.

Here's another logo with a slogan. It's been demonstrated that they are clever at messaging with their letters. What's going on here? Where is the U in CONTROL? Well, there is no U in CONTROL, and isn't that their point? They are in control, and you are not.

TracFone currently provides seven brands of service: TracFone Wireless, NET10 Wireless, Safelink Wireless, Straight Talk, Telcel América, SIMPLE Mobile, and Page Plus Cellular. I gave the Telcel-TelMex brand some exposure in this post, Part 31 - Code 33 - TelMex and Telemundo. NET10's slogan is “No Bills, No Contracts, No Evil.” No Evil? Like Google's slogan, “Don't be evil,” it's just a deception, to cover their evil.

Decoding NET10

10 ~ IO or Greek, Helio - sun or Helios, sun god - Horus
10 ~ Roman numeral X - the mark of the sun god

Net, spelled backwards is, ten. It's a hidden palindrome. The mirroring provides for an instance of the Hermetic Maxim, As Above, So Below.

NET: 14+5+20 = 39
39 = 13+13+13

NET (RAS): 13+22+7 = 42
42 = 6+6*6 ~ 666

Speaking of nets, which are used as snares, Safelink Wireless is all about making special provision for calls to health care service providers. That's the sector where the mark of the beast (MotB or MOB) will be introduced.

Telecommunications satellites and towers are receivers and transmitters of massive amounts of energy. Having an awareness of the spiritual nature or supernaturalism of their promotional and brand indentification imagery, I would have to be pretty naive to trust that nothing more is being transmitted through the air by these wireless technologies than what might be strictly required to facilitate communication between phones and other hardware devices. Verizon ads suggest the broadcasting of mind control. I can't see those waves, but I can see their symbols, and interpret them, and that's what they inform me about! The threats to the users of wireless technology that pertain to surveillance and data security have become popular concerns, but how few there are who consider the threats to our ability to see things for how they really are. The influences that threaten our ability to perceive how things really are are far more dangerous because the #1 threat in the world today is DECEPTION.

Get free, as the Lord directs, by seeking Him according to genuine obedience honoring His ways. Lip service will result in failure. There is no provision for optional measures. Freedom and salvation are in Y'shua haMashiach, the Lord Jesus Christ.

So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. ~ John 8:36

It's not a matter of dumping your cell phone in the trash or wearing a tin foil hat. It's about you, making up your mind about who you really are and why you're really here. Do you love God? Is that still just a kind of relative thing to you?

The news of the day bears witness to the advancement in ways of deception.

Google joins the VR war, invests in light field ‘cinematic reality’ company Magic Leap

Recall what I wrote here: "I have seen the future, and I’m worried it’s really going to mess me up."
Oculus Rift

Check out this logo of the non-profit that is the subject of this news article: Internet caretaker ICANN to escape US control. It's a “prison planet” image. It's a double cross. It's a circle X MOB. Circle is composed of 2 semicircles, or 2 letters C - a Code 33. ICANN ~ I Can ~ I will?

Should you take the meaning of these symbols seriously? Yes, yes you should. What we need to know about our times is being revealed to us by our Creator, who loves us and is faithful to His word. He has made many promises and He is keeping every one. Has He made you personal promises? Hold Him to them. This is a season of remembering promises.


  1. so well stated, especially the last few paragraphs.Thanks so much for your efforts!

  2. Thanks Guys, the hospital in Dallas has a cross in a circle. Mars maven mission/ mmm will get a look at siding spring comet. Maven fr Hebrew means the one who knows. Tomb in Greece has a mural in the floor of man with laurel on his head driving a chariot following Hermes between dimensions. Blue light in the news ref Nobel prize. Blue led plus red and green =bright white/enlightenment. 3 wise guys from the east/Japan got the prize. Royals go to World Series. Royals are in same city with Anubis.

  3. Having flashbacks from your London Olympic posts. Nhs and kids in hospital beds. The rose cauldron, being passed around to all countries. Passover coming up with another blood moon. Knights of St. John/ prince willy 999 knight of the garter, ref royal scam lyrics, mixing blue, red ,and green led light to make bright white/ blue star kachina. The sunny island in the song reminds me of Malta/ means honey(rose gives honey to the bee). Now European space geeks say we have dark matter coming out of our sun. Lots of layered majic. Fed May have to keep on pumping funny money. All the world is a stage.

  4. The tree art in Paris has some very dark signals. Xmas surprise? Anubis in ks city with #25 freeman jersey? Birth of the sun.