Thursday, October 23, 2014

News that has nothing to do with Ebola, I.S.I.S or Politics


Catholic University Launches Pagan Student Club

“Loyola University Chicago recently christened a new pagan student club, with its student organizer saying the group aims to help pupils at the private Catholic college find the God they seek, not just the one featured in the Bible. “Loyola’s mission states that ‘seeking God in all things’ is one of the main tenants of the university,” said the group’s student president, Jill Kreider, in an email to The College Fix. “While the mission primarily focuses on the Abrahamic God, there is no reason a Pagan student (or a Hindu, Baha’i or Sikh student) cannot seek using his or her own faith, regardless of which god they are doing it for.”
The Loyola Student Pagan Alliance was granted official recognition by the university earlier this month by its Student Activities and Greek Affairs board. However, shortly after the group’s approval, it changed its name and deleted a reference to the word “pagan” on its Facebook page, which is only accessible by Loyola University Chicago students. The alliance now calls itself the “Indigenous Faith Tradition Alliance.”

Here's their website's Campus Ministry page for the Interfaith Advocate Team - Loyola University Chicago.

This includes Wiccans. St. Ignatius of Loyola founded The Society of Jesus, aka, the Jesuits. Pope Francis is Jesuit, of course. It's the goddess at work, uniting all together.

See The Sign of the Queen of Heaven.

The influence of wi-fi cellular signals: Merely anecdotal? Gran spends nearly £4,000 to protect her house against wi-fi and mobile phone signals

News about how easily duped most folks are who trust those who provide services to look out for them. Smartphone flashlight apps - Top 10 downloaded are "malware" and give away your personal info (Thanks Beverly)

The arrival of amoral sci-fi fantasy - dreams of lust fulfillment coming true: Oculus-XXX to Transform Your Home into a Virtual Reality Bordello in 2015


  1. Hey Guys, good article.

  2. Hey Guys, the fed has a meeting on wed. They're suppose to stop printing funny money. That's a good one. Yellin is going to cure my fear of low inflation. That's even funnier. Inflation is theft, which is to be expected since fed reserve is made up of liars and murders. Interest rates will remain low while the dollar rises. These economists remind me of one of those voodoo parties, spinning headless chickens. It seems the nephileme are getting the better of the inbreds in World Series. Maybe Anubis in kc will bring the inbreds some luck.

  3. Hey Guys, I'm sure you've heard what the Jesuit pope said about the Big Bang, evolution, and God not being a magician with a majik wand. Wasn't that Georges/god of crops-lemaitre/master a Jesuit too. Creation by destruction/ order out of chaos, is also a stupid tv show. Haven't seen it. I'm in construction with a limited science background, but I like to question some of this so called science. Like why are sun spots a lot darker than the rest of the sun? Why after all these years, can't the babblers explain how gravity works. But they can continue with theories of relativity, string, pea brain, etc... Oh we'll. maybe when the fed says they'll stop printing funny money we can see some gravity in action. They threaten to do it this month. Oct. Surprise? Some thing is bothering me about this Ebola thing ( sorry ) why would the founder of eBay joke about naming his company after a disease? Ohmydear(sp) is a funny guy, maybe he should've been a clown.

    1. The secrets of gravity have been reserved for very few. The reason why should be evident before very long.

  4. Just in time for Halloween, 300 exorcists gather at the Vatican for convention. Pope blesses them. Tubular bells was played at London Olympics right?