Saturday, December 27, 2014

Arrow (The CW) - "City Of Blood" Spills Beans on Black Awakening

Arrow (The CW) - "City Of Blood" Exposes Black Awakening

The episode of Arrow (The CW) - "City Of Blood" spills the beans on the Black Awakening. That operation has begun and is far from complete.

Chaos will be brought, but it will be planned and controlled. The reason is for a revolution, a global coup - mostly targeting the masses to prepare them to receive the new order and leader.

Key to Allegory:

Slade -as- the Devil
His "Mirakuru" Army -as- the Illuminati slave army of programmed sleeper agents.
Starling City -as- the world, populated by the spawn of fallen angels (star = angel)
Mayor of Starling City -as- the Beast of Revelation 13:1


  1. Last Call? Notice the Nikon add on this screenshot I took today.

  2. Ok, Countdown finished. And now...?

    1. You miss their sales event. Apparently.