Friday, December 26, 2014

Published - Final Video of: Decoding T-Mobile's Unleash

Part 8 of 8 in the video series on T-Mobile's Unleash commercial has been published.

Unleash Chaos - T-Mobile Decoded - Part 8 of 8

Explore the rich layering of hidden riddles. Woven into the same scenes where "Zero Down" is being acted out, we find the deconstructed symbol that Occultists identify as of the mark of the beast - over and over again! Other kinds of symbols are uncovered that supplement that theme, like cryptic references to 666.

In this final video in the series, attention is given to some of the layered symbolism passed over earlier while the substantial foundation was being laid. The Lord had me focus largely on the subject of Anarchy, which is being used as a code word, to shed light on the purpose of the rioting and demonstrations of the season. Like with those who represent themselves with a Guy Fawkes mask, there's something being misrepresented by so-called anarchists. On the relevant level it's not about un-leashing but re-leashing. It's Revolution, rebellion, the work of the goddess, uniting the world for the unleashing of Antichrist - and it's already begun.

Playlist: Unleash Chaos - T-Mobile Decoded

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  1. Hi Bob,

    I want to first off share my thanks to you and Aaron for the efforts of this blog and the Open Scroll. For what it's worth, for me it was the study of William D. Gann, a stock trader during the Depression era, that challenged my view of the world, and after a few wrong New Age turns, led me to Jesus and the answers that the Bible provided.

    If I've learned one thing from the stock market, its that the herd is always wrong, and to look for the opinion that is different from the rest. Its usually the correct one. So here I am...

    Ten years ago today was a great flood, the Indonesian Tsunami. The earthquake that triggered it occurred at 00:58 UTC which was 7:58 pm eastern time on Christmas Day.

    This was a Venus event. 7:58 = 2 minutes before 8 pm. It takes 8 years minus 2 days for Venus to inscribe a rose/pentagram in the sky as viewed from earth.

    The next one will likely have Venus/Isis/Mary fingerprints on it as well.


  2. You're welcome. The narrow way and gate is for the few and small. Thanks for the info as we keep watch in the night.