Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Decoding the "Car Fox" T-shirt

Carfax (YouTube) Branding with Horus, Code 33, 666 and Pharmakeia


  1. Hey Guys, sony/ sonic & sonny boy, (messenger boy?) hack is now being blamed on n Korea. Which means China did it. If they can hack sony they can hack the most gov and any utility. Holy wood is getting jumpy. Ebama says remain calm and go to the movies/AV celebrate Xmas , buy some Chinese crap with radioactive lead paint. I had a friend in the marines named sonny boy Mitty. Funny.

  2. Hey Guys, drudge reports china tests multiple nukes on ICBM . Thanks slick willy, and ss loral corp. funny how we would give away such sensitive info to an enemy we fought openly in Korea and clandestinely in Vietnam. They have biggest economy now, and hold lots of gold , if rumors are correct. Very large armed forces as well. I suspect they have some keys to some very sensitive back doors via cheap computer chips etc.

  3. Winter is here, natural/Biblical health tip. Frankensence and myrrh oil have excellent benefits in killing bacteria, viruses, fungus, cancer etc. stick with organic/natural foods like the ones listed in the Bible. Raw honey, milk, bitter herbs, olives/oil, moderate meats cooked, etc. un natural/processed/ chemical additives , artificial colors, flavors are the delusion. Blessings or curses