Sunday, February 01, 2015

Shazam! Posted to the MOB Blog and Another Occult Google Doodle, signaling 113

Today we in America have a special Google Doodle honoring the 113 year anniversary of the birth of Langston Hughes.

I see it as a pretext for the globalist beast promoter's seizing of another opportunity to put the number 113 before us, which is the dating of the revealing of one who is most highly honored. The thumbnail image for the video features hidden 666 (hair curls) and Code 33 sets. The knuckles on his left hand have a pair of 3s, the left hand path. His ear has a big 3 on it, and if his other ear is a match, which may well be assumed, there's another Code 33. There's also a visible 3 to match it on the knuckles of his right hand. Three is the resurrection number in the Bible, and in line with the 666 hair curls, the beast resurrection on the 113 or first month thirteenth day, an anniversary relative to a birth, fits the redundant patterns being signaled over and over again. The 13th day of the 1st month is coming in mere 9 weeks.

Here's another timely piece. Shazam: Thinking out Loud + Uptown Funk = XO (

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